Wednesday, May 1, 2013

meet the quirks

The truth about me is that.....
My body is pretty weird.
I love it and all but...
Sometimes I just want to lock it in a cage and not let it leave the house.
Let's get started.

1. I think that some wiring must have gotten all twisted in my brain when I was born because for some odd reason my thumbs don't work when I laugh. And I laugh a lot. I have no idea why, but when I start laughing my thumbs start tingling like an electrical storm and are good for nothing.
I have to stop everything I am doing and wait for them to work again. It really hinders my death grip that I use on people.

2. Along with laughing, I am incredibly ticklish. If you simply touch me I will not be able to control my laughter (which makes for awkward visits to the doctor's office.....trying to explain why you are laughing during a physical is not fun...). Oddly enough though, the body part that is most ticklish is my throat. When I was younger my mom would rub oils on my throat when I was sick and I just could not control myself. She would have to tackle me to the ground and pin my arms down. My throat is my kryptonite...

3. I have lots of itsy-bitsy scars on my body because for some reason I tend to pick my scabs. Gross, I know. But then they turn into cool scars and great conversation starters (because talking about my microscopic scars is a great way to meet a stranger). My favorite one is on my left hand and has been for about 5 years. One Halloween I went to a haunted house and got trapped in the corner by one of those evil men with a chainsaw. I tried to escape and in the attempt, his chainsaw sliced my hand (OK, OK, the chain wasn't on it, but that rubber blade sure got me good..). Anyways, the scar is still there and I am very proud of it.

4. I know that I sleep talk occasionally, but I think I must do more than just talk because one of my calves is bigger than the other. Noticeably bigger. I must do major calf workouts on only one leg while I am sleeping because I just do not know how this phenomenon has come about. Now I have to work extra hard doing calf raises on the other leg to even them out.

The list goes on, but maybe I should stop there for now for the protection of everyone reading.
And now here's a picture so that this post isn't completely boring.

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