Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It's no secret that I love zombies.
I can't get enough of them.
If there is ever a zombie apocalypse I will be so excited.
One of my favorite Sunday rituals is drinking hot cocoa while I watch The Walking Dead.
One of my favorite birthday/New Year's rituals is playing Call of Duty.
One of my favorite dates also included zombies.
Check it.

I mentioned how much I adore zombies and so we went and saw Warm Bodies.
And we went dressed as zombies.
I was living the dream that night.
Recently I played a new zombie game with some friends.
If this was any sort of foreshadowing for the apocalypse I am screwed.
I feel that I will run into a lot of walls.
I should work on my orienting skills.
And maybe my bow hunting skills?
And this concludes my ode to zombies.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

i'm on a boat man.

I crossed something else off the bucket list.
Number twenty three.
Ride on a boat.
Hannah took me and some others up to her cabin for a birthday celebration!
It was a blast.
We got up there on Friday and her grandpa took us out on the water.
How have I never done this before?
It was maybe the funnest thing I've ever experienced.
I almost mastered the knee boarding.
I attempted a 360, but lost my grip at the end.
Eh, next time right?
Now, water slides are my absolute favorite so I knew that tubing would not disappoint.
And it didn't.
I think that it is impossible to ride a tube without laughing hysterically the entire time.
Am I right?
The rest of the trip was spent four wheeling, playing Mexican horseshoes, burning smores, and burning me.
Why can't Summer last forever?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

one month

I have one month.
One month until I move down to Provo and school starts.
One month until Summer ends.
One month until I can't wear shorts above the knee.
(Just kidding Provo.)

Change is such a bitter-sweet thing.
I am beyond excited to start school in a new place.
Every time I think about it I get so giddy because I just cannot wait.
But this Summer treated me well.
I made some good friends up here that I am very grateful for.
Many memories were made and will be remembered.
Many relationships were built that i will not forget.

Thinking about this last month I have I look back and wonder if I spent my time well this Summer.
Have I done everything that I wanted to do?
Have I had the experiences that i hoped to have?
Or have I wasted it?
When I wonder this I feel peace.
I think I have spent my time wisely.
There is always going to be thoughts such as
"Well maybe I could've done such and such adventure instead of watching Duck Dynasty all night."
But those times are already past.
(And I don't regret watching multiple Duck Dynasty marathons)
So I will make up for them in this last month.
I can't waste my time dwelling on the past when I have such a short future left here.
How many adventures can I squeeze in this last month?
What will you do in this next month to give life more meaning?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

pioneer day

Today is the 24th of July.
And for everybody in Utah you know what that means...
Pioneer Day!
Complete with rodeos, parades, and fireworks.
Every year my family packs our suitcases and goes up to Salt Lake for the night.
To take part in the Days of '47 parade.
My aunt and uncle started volunteering in the parade quite some time ago.
The tradition is still being handed down and carried on.
We started the day with the best of breakfasts at 5:30.
Then the waiting game began.
Our little group had to wait until about 8 o clock for our job to begin and for orders to be carried out.
I was on babysitting duty.

It was a grand ol' time as you can tell.
Then we sat and watched the parade.
You should know: parades are my favorite.
And I will defend their importance until the sun goes down.
This float is always a particular favorite of mine.

I've come to believe that Utah crowds are the best kind of crowd.
I think we are the only state that will cheer louder for missionaries walking through the crowds more so than for the actual floats.
No really.
Even the people IN the parade would cheer for them!

Keeping with tradition we rode the bus at the end.

And as is tradition....
I tried to get into as many pictures as I could whilst making a derp face with my favorite cuz, Shelly!
And my sister Rebecca.

There are going to be many Asians going through their pictures and wondering who the crazy white chick in the background is.
That's what I'm here for America.
Until next year.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

number sixty one

I did something on my bucket list.
Number sixty one to be exact.
This one was to go to a drive-in movie.
And the good sir, Austin, helped me accomplish it.
I felt like I had transported to the fifties.
It was dreamy.
We saw Despicable Me 2 which was pretty hilarious.
This commercial sums up my favorite scene quite nicely!

It was quite the experience to be had.
I think though that I would be totally fine projecting a movie in my own backyard.
For free.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

bucket list jars

I have had my bucket list items written on little papers for a while now.
I needed to contain them somehow so they would stop falling into my garbage can...
So I settled on painting some jars.
And here's how they turned out.

First, I put painters tape around the jars so I could get a straight line.

Then I painted the jars using spray paint and acrylic paint.
The spray paint was a butt-load easier.

Then I made tags for the jars so I knew what was in which jar.

For the cards inside I write the bucket list item on the front.
With the completed ones, I write details about accomplishing it.
(e.g. where, when, with whom)

And there ya have it.
Thank heavens for mason jars, am I right??
To see my bucket list go here!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

crystal hot springs

Mi familia and I went to Crystal Hot Springs last weekend.
This lovely little place is located in Honeyville, UT.
For those of you who don't know, it is near Brigham City.
Fun fact: These hot springs have the highest mineral content in all of the U.S.A.
And you could definitely tell by the taste and smell...

We played some bocce ball and some frisbee.
And frisbee must be played with a disc that looks like a cow pie.

It is a must that Nate and I have an annual water fight.
I have yet to win.
I never choose the best of weapons to defend myself.

The first night ended with a fire and reeses smores.
Ever had 'em?
They are to die for.

Day two we swam.
And enjoyed the water slides.

And playing with cousins.

Then it rained.
And stormed.
And nearly ripped our tents out of the ground.

But it was fun.
And I can't wait until the next campout!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

the paper kites

I have a recent obsession.
It's a bit strange.
I like weird music, so sue me!
They are called the Paper Kites.
They are touring this Fall.
Sadly, they will be nowhere near me!
Take a listen to their newest single.
I will have to listen to this on repeat.
Maybe it will feel like I'm at their concert?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

prison break

I just finished Prison Break.
This show was pretty good-very suspenseful.
I watched season one in just one weekend.
It was that good.
But then....
Second season happened.
And then season three and four.
And by the end of the series I would sit on the couch wanting to scream...
"Resolve yourself already!"
I was ready for it to be over.
All they do after season one is run away from bad guys.
For three seasons.
I did love the character development though.
I don't know if I'm happy or disappointed in the fact that by the end of the show T-Bag was one of my favorite characters.
His humor was very facetious and it was hilarious.
I think that a major lesson can be learned from this show.
We judge people so quickly.
I know that I do.
These people that we judge are not always what they appear to be.
They might have some deep hurt that caused them to be over-the-top guarded.
They might think that acting the way they do is the only correct way.
Because this is all they have seen.
However these people, along with all people, have the ability to change.
They have the ability to become your favorite character.
While the characters that you thought were so terrific...
Have the ability to become your least favorite character.
Let's let everything play out and withhold judgement from others.
They might turn out to be everything that you thought they weren't.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

confessions and observations of a college student: part 4

1. The other day I was at work and was overcome with hunger. I looked through the fridge again and again, every time hoping I would find a big tub of ice cream that I had somehow missed the first five times. Finally I moved a container of yogurt aside and laid my eyes on the most heavenly sight: a tupperware of leftover cheesecake. I got a fork out and took the biggest bite I could muster. I instantly regretted it. Why did this cheesecake taste like the most awful thing I had ever put into my mouth? After a closer examination I realized with deep sorrow that I had just take a huge bite out of.....brie cheese. So disappointing.

2. I recently finished watching Prison Break, which was quite the edge-of-your-seat-the-whole-series type of show. It was a good show, but did anyone else feel weird cheering for people breaking out of prison?

3. I think that when reading a book the first thing that everyone does when they have fallen in love with a character is to turn to the last chapter to see if their name is still there. Just to make sure they don't tragically die somewhere in the middle.

4. I think the mood for the day is determined in the morning. For instance, if I pour my bowl of cereal and then reach into the fridge and realize that there is no milk....then I know it's gonna be a bad day.

5. I started a puzzle. While I was sorting through the pieces I found many pieces that were still connected to their counter-part. This makes me so happy. It's as if the person who did this puzzle before me knew that I needed a little boost in my day. How kind of them to so lazily put a puzzle away.

Friday, July 5, 2013

a happy fourth

I will say it again.
The Fourth of July is my favorite (legitimate) holiday!
Barbeques, fireworks, family, and swimming.
All the best things that Summer has to offer smashed into one day.
(Ok...the swimming will be a little belated for me, but you get the idea...)
And I loved seeing everybody's awesome pictures on Instagram.
This year my family headed down to my aunt's house for a massive eating party.
A.K.A. barbeque.
Complete with homemade ice cream.
(So good...)
I taught my cousin's little boy to make this face when he saw the fireworks.

This only lasted until we pulled out the Screamers.
And then he forgot the fun that fireworks are supposed to be.
Poor guy.
We continued with the fire show though.
All in the name of America.

We ended the night by watching the Riverton fireworks.
In the street with the rest of the city.
I really wish that fireworks shows were just 15 straight minutes of finale-worthy material.
That would be great.
The weekend will finish itself with a wedding reception, a backyard campout, and much swimming.
Because who doesn't love swimming in 100 degrees?