Wednesday, July 26, 2017

lake powell part two

Did I mention in my last post that it was hot down there?
Because it was.
Luckily boats sit on bodies of water that are just the perfect refresher for a belly oven.
It honestly felt so good to get in the water and just float around.
Which is basically all I did because I didn't want to have a baby in Page, AZ.
But Derek worked on his sweet wake boarding moves and his epic wipeouts.
Also, snorkeling?
It makes me want to die.
I kept trying to breath through my nose and having to throw the mask off before I suffocated.
And I didn't even get my head under the water.

Also, check out the home video of the events:

Monday, July 17, 2017

lake powell part one

We skipped out on responsibility and headed down to Lake Powell for five days.
And it was HOT!!!!
But very much the break and fun we both needed to recharge and keep pushing through this pregnancy.
We visited the Glen Canyon Dam and went on the dam tour.
It was interesting, but by the end of it I was needing a refreshing treat.
And then learned that Page doesn't have an Arctic Circle OR a Jamba Juice??
What kind of world were we in?
But good thing for Sonic and AC.
Watch out for part two where I actually talk about the main reason we went down there: boating.