Friday, August 30, 2013

a bombardment

Does anyone else get extremely exhausted from meeting new people?
I had orientation today.
And besides all of the awesome free stuff that I got,
I also made a ton of new friends.
Do I remember any of their names?
No, but what do you expect?
One thing I did learn today is that maturity does not come with age.
I am somewhat ashamed to admit that I about had a meltdown when I was told to go outside to get a doughnut and then I heard
"Oh no, we don't have doughnuts. Your prize for winning the scavenger hunt was knowledge."
Are you kidding me?
I would take a doughnut over knowledge any day.
Then at lunch I traded my banana for an extra cookie.
Best trade I've ever made.
Something else I learned is that the education department runs on butterflies and rainbows.
I walked into the orientation and was flooded with a bucket of nice-ness.
Everyone smiles and introduces themselves to anyone and everyone.
It was a bit too much for my exhausted self to handle.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

the cost of a microwave

Believe it or not my apartment didn't come with a microwave.
I discovered this in the saddest of ways.
I was at work and so excited to get home and eat my leftover Panda Express that was in the fridge.
I get home and prepare myself for the deliciousness of the orange chicken when I discover I have nothing to heat it up with.
So I run back to work to use one of their microwaves because I REALLY wanted that chicken.
I knew immediately that this problem must be fixed.
I head to D.I. to find a used one because there is no need to be fancy in college.
As I am walking to the register with the newest member of my appliance family, a woman comes up to me speaking rapid spanish that I obviously don't understand.
Eventually I figure out that she wants to sell me a microwave for cheaper than what D.I. is offering.
She says it's in her storage unit.
I think "It's a Wednesday. I have nothing to do. Why not?"
She offers to drive me, but I'm not THAT adventurous so I just followed behind in my car.
We get to her storage unit and the exchange is made.
(I felt like a drug dealer and it was kinda cool.....)
But the exchange wasn't over.
She proceeded to try to sell me all of her old clothes......
I tried to tell her in my most broken spanish (which really just means that I spoke in a slow hispanic accent)
"Lady. I don't want your clothes. The microwave is enough."
I don't think she understood because she started hugging and kissing me....
So I got in my car and left as swift as was possible.
And that's how a college student gets a deal on a microwave.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

more confessions and observations

>When you walk around with a child and they do something cute everybody smiles at you. It's as if they're saying "I approve of this child. Ya done good." And you smile back as if to say "Thank you. I put my best work into this one!"

>I hate when I follow a car for an insane amount of time. You even turn onto the same random streets as they do. I feel as if I need to announce to them that I'm not stalking just so happens that both of us are coming from the same place and going the same place.....

>I bet you didn't know that in the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point there are a bunch of mini gnomes hidden everywhere for the parents and older kids to look for. So far I've found one. I'm pretty proud!

>I moved into my new apartment. I walked in the front door and was bombarded with pictures of Jesus and copies of the Ensigns everywhere. Hopefully they didn't look in my cupboard. They would've found three shot glasses. I can feel them praying for me already.

>I think the ultimate test that people must go through in order to have a baby is to see if they can fold and unfold a stroller. Let's just say that I cannot.......I just end up shoving the whole open stroller into the backseat (much to the protest of the children that it usually ends up resting on). Those contraptions are tricky...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

dish soap is not for dishwashers.

I am currently in my new apartment.
All alone.
I moved in a week before my roommates because I didn't want to be homeless.
And it is so boring.
Being alone and bored are a bad combination.
Especially when I don't make the wisest choices.
Last night I was moving in and decided to shower but I hadn't found my shower curtain yet.
I decided to shower anyways floor got real wet.
Then I decided to wash all of my silverware because they were looking a little questionable.
I put them in the dishwasher, poured in the magic liquid and started it up.
I proudly told my friend that I had figured out the mysterious contraption.
I went on my merry way and started unpacking in the living room.
A bit later I peek into the kitchen only to find the most disturbing sight.
My dishwasher was pooping bubbles.
And a lot of' 'em.
I didn't turn it off cause the dishes needed to finish up washing.
(This is my logic?)
But the bubbles kept coming and soon enough I decided that turning it off would be the best idea.
I stood there in shock not sure how I was going to clean all of this up since I currently own very little.
I had visions of having to use the clothes I was wearing to mop it up.
And then having to wear them to work later.
I was horror stricken with the situation.
But then I scrounged up a lonely towel to do the job.
And this conversation ensued:

Nate: You used dish soap didn't you?
Me: Yeah. Aren't you supposed to?
Nate: NOOO! Definitely not.

And that was when I snapped.
I started laughing hysterically in the middle of my kitchen of bubbles.
Because apparently I don't know how to work a dishwasher.
And I could just picture Tamra Smith saying:
"Keeping doing what you're doing, you're doing great!"
Turns out I'm a terrible grownup.
I wish the best of luck to my future roommates.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

number sixty-four

I did another task on my bucket list.
This may have been the most challenging one yet.
#64. Complete a puzzle without looking at the box.
It took two attempts to accomplish this.
(The first one I tried had a lot of missing pieces).
So I found a puzzle in which all of the pieces were present and began.
I love puzzles and can usually crank them out like nobody's business.
But this was a whole different story.
It took weeks of dedication.
I know a girl who will only do puzzles this way.
I applaud her.
This is the finished masterpiece.

Isn't it cute?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

confessions and observations: part 6

>Being asked if you are single and having a tiny moment of panic where you wonder if you should lie or tell the truth. Evidently, we typically choose wrong.

>That proud moment when you actually reference to something you pinned on pinterest.
*the following conversation has happened multiple times*
"I love the movie Inception, but how do you think it ends?"
"Well, I pinned something that explains it all........"
I feel like the little boy making the fist in that one meme.....ya know.....
Then I tuck the pin back into the folds of the internet until it is relevant seven years from now.

>Speaking of pinterest....this website basically just brings out all of our inner hoarders.
"I better pin this.....I never know when I'm going to need to know how to survive a fight with a mermaid."

>Does anyone else wake up from a normal night of sleeping just absolutely sore? And then you have to rack your brain trying to remember if you ran some sort of marathon in your sleep?

>I feel like I revert to the life of a four-year-old when I break something. I instantly go into recovery mode and try to hide all the damage and act like it never happened. Then when someone stumbles upon the broken item one of two things happen. one. They think that they broke it and so you silently high five yourself. two. They ask who did it and you immediately deny it and vow to not sleep until you find out who did it. Then precedes an imaginary hunt for the perp.

Friday, August 9, 2013

you know it's summer when...

You know it's Summer when....
>someone asks you if you want to go somewhere and your response is "yeah, but I gotta put pants on first."
>the expectation is playing out in the sun all day everyday, but in reality it's too hot so most days are spent indoors watching TV...
>your diet consists mostly of ice cream and snow cones.
>there is a constant aroma of barbeques and fire everywhere you go. It's un-escapable.
>walking around barefoot is normal.
> you're constantly wet due to water parks, rain, or sweat.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

confessions and observations of a college student: part 5

1. First and foremost. If someone asks to look at your phone it is always necessary to take five seconds and try to delete every embarrassing thing that you possibly can without them noticing. If not, you will regret it later.

2. I'm always amazed when I see people alone in their car and they AREN'T jamming out. Now that's self control.

3. That dreadful moment when you have already walked all the way to the front of the classroom and you still haven't chosen a seat yet.

4. That moment when a stranger holds your hand. What???

5. I have noticed that women are monkeys. Especially in church, if a girl is behind another girl they will pick off all the lint/hair/etc. just out of kindness or boredom. At least we don't eat what we find right?

Monday, August 5, 2013

then they went on a hike

Right behind the Draper Temple there is a great series of trails.
They all start at the same point and branch off.
It is basically like a "choose-your-own destiny" novel.
You stumble upon forks in the road about every five minutes.
We got lucky and chose paths that were not too strenuous.
However, it is a MUST to watch for mountain bikers.
There were many times that we had to jump off into the bushes to avoid being mowed down.
Sidenote: horses and dogs also welcome, as  evidenced by the large amounts of poop on the trail.

Directions: Get off I-15 onto Bangerter going East. Turn left onto 13800 S. Right onto 1300 E. Go under the bridge then turn right onto Highland Drive. Left onto Rambling Road. At the traffic circle take the 2nd exit onto Sage Hollow Drive. Turn left onto Coyote Hollow Ct. You may have to park in the nearby church parking lot.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

the conjuring

I went and saw The Conjuring.
It is definitely one to see.
It is based on a true story and got great reviews.
It is rated R, but I don't know why.
The MPAA says it's because it is too scary....
There is next to no swearing, no nudity, and only one "gore" scene.
I highly recommend going to go see this.
It is based in the 70s and the producers did such a good job of keeping it authentic.
The music was great, the cinematography was fabulous, and the outfits....come on!
It's not just scary solely for it's jump-inducing scenes.
It is an interesting story as well.
Also, the game they played called "hide and clap" looks like the funnest game ever.
I'm gonna have to try it out.
I am a tough scary movie critic and I quite enjoyed myself in this one.
I even jumped a couple of times.

"The devil exists. God exists. And for us, as people, our very destiny hinges on which we decide to follow."

Thursday, August 1, 2013

a job interview

I am pretty positive that I entered an alternate universe on Monday.
It was a strange day.
It started off at seven o clock at night when I got a phone call.
It was a call from Provo asking me if I wanted to interview for a job.
The interview was set for nine o clock at night (weird time right?)
I was in Riverton so after family home evening I took the journey down there.
And then the strangeness began.
Ya see, this campus is HUGE!
I graduated from SUU.....tiny campus.
I pulled into a parking lot and started running around looking for the right building.
(I was about to be late and on my application I stated that I am ALWAYS on time.
So it was mandatory to be timely.)
I was walking down the staircase of death when I turn to my right and see a deer.
Standing an arm's length away.
I think we stared at each other for a good five minutes.
I was stunned.
I came out of my trance and continued running down the stairs.
When I get to the bottom I hear the guy behind me exclaim "HOLY CRAP!"
Yup. He saw the deer too.
I turn around and ask him if he could so kindly help me find the place I am supposed to go to.
It's BYU so of course he kindly obliged.
I got to my destination on time and aced my interview.
I walk back into the hall and see the same guy waiting for me.
"Just wanted to see how your interview went"
"Good! They are going to call me tomorrow."
"Well I'm going to family home evening now, we are playing volleyball!"
"o.m.g. I love volleyball, can I come?"
I proceed to play volleyball with strangers and it was the best.
This guy then walked me to my car that was across the dark campus.
I appreciate it.
He asks for my number.
I give it to him, excited for a friend down in my future home city.
I drive away and the people I interviewed with call me.
"Hey, come back! We wanna offer you the job and give you the paper work."
I text guy to tell him the news.
When I come out of the building for the second time I see him waiting for me again.
"cool" I think to myself. I need help finding this next building.
He helps me.
I am holding the campus map.
He takes it out of my hand and proceeds to hold my hand as if we have known each other for a lifetime.
I am stunned for the second time tonight.
I had so much hope for you.

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