Tuesday, May 14, 2013

my happiness

I am happy. And I'm happy that I can say that. I have found the things that make me happy and here they are:

1. Playing the piano.
Surprisingly. But actually, if I'm having a bad mood day, playing hymns and other church songs       makes me feel so much better. I just wish that I was better at it.

2. Listening to good music.
Cliche, I know. I have been listening to Green River Ordinance lately and it just makes me so happy. I can't stop smiling. Down at SUU  would pick good songs to listen to between classes and I would just get a fluttery heart because the songs would just make me so happy.

3. Relationships with people.
I think that this is the greatest source of my happiness. How do I even explain this? Joking with and learning from a variety of people is just the most amazing thing on this Earth. Being with people, supporting each other, loving each other, learning from each other.... it's what life is all about. And it is beautiful.

4. Witnessing the world be.
The world has so much to offer us and so many beautiful things to show us. Watching a gorgeous sunset, the rainfall, and a shooting star....they are amazing. They put the world and life into perspective. In a way they make us feel invincible.

5. Trying new things. This is my favorite thing to do. Why not experience a whole bunch of things instead of doing the same things everyday? Life is more exciting this way. You also meet so many amazing and interesting people this way.

6. Reading. Books, so much more than movies for me, can stir emotion. You live these characters lives. You feel what they feel. You learn from these characters. You learn about your own life from books. Losing yourself in someone else's words is incredible.

7. Feeling the Spirit. Knowing that the Gospel that I live is the truest thing in the world and knowing that we are not left comfortless. Knowing that there is a purpose in life and feeling it. Feeling a heart bursting with joy because the spirit is just so strong.

8. Sitting on the porch.
During spring time with the scent of blossoms. Reading a good book. While the sun goes down.

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