Friday, May 10, 2013

an embarassment

I embarrass myself just about everyday.
The one that stands out in my mind though happened two years ago.
It was the first Sunday down in Cedar City.
My first week of college.
My roommate, me, and our friend Dallin went to church together.
I wore my flowy white sundress.
I was so excited to meet so many new people.
During sacrament I got up to go to the bathroom.
I look in the mirror and....
My bright blue underwear is completely visible through my white dress.
I was mortified. How many people had seen my underwear?
I had no idea what to do.
I couldn't hide out in the bathroom all day.
I had a crush on Dallin and he couldn't know what was going on.
I looked around the bathroom and got a brilliant idea.
Paper towels.
Those were white.
So I hiked up my dress and proceeded to make a paper towel diaper.
I wore a paper towel diaper.
After I had created this I walked back to sacrament.
Paper towels are crunchy.
I had to walk with my legs at least a foot apart or people would hear the crunch.
It was a very awkward day in church, but Dallin still does not know.
I disguised my diaper well.

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