Monday, May 27, 2013

fun in cedar city

I lived in Cedar City for two years.
(Minus the Summer months).
There is so many outdoor adventure opportunities to be had here.
I didn't do all of them because I was busy studying.
Ok.....let's be honest here.
I didn't do all of them because I didn't know about them.
I'm kicking myself now that I don't live there anymore.
So I made this list of fun things to do.
And fun things I want to do when I visit again.
For more ideas go to the cedar scene.

Have done:
1. The 'C' Trail: Well....attempted to do anyway. This is a really steep trail so get ready to sweat.
The top has a wonderful view of the city. Of course, you could just drive to the top as well.
Drive south on Main Street
Turn left onto 820 S, right after Big O
Drive straight until you see the water tower
Turn right onto a dirt road
Follow the road until you reach the a dead end.

2. Cedar Canyon: There are a few waterfalls up here that are fun to play in.
 My roommate and I attempted to climb up them and only got halfway. We must try again.
There is a trail to walk or bike. This is also a great place to stargaze since city lights are not in view.
Drive your truck up and fill the bed with blankets and pillows. Or campout in various places.

3. Sheep Tunnels: These start across the street from Wal-Mart and go all over the underworkings
of Cedar City. This is more fun with somebody you think is cute so that you can hold their hand
when you get scared (otherwise a bit pointless) or you can play hide and seek in them.

4. Kanarraville Falls: This is honestly one of my favorite hikes ever! It follows a river through a slot canyon just south of Cedar City. Such beautiful scenery to see and so fun hiking through the river. There are a few waterfalls that you climb up and a rock slide that is perfect when it's really hot outside.
Head South on I-15 and get off the freeway on Exit 51 toward Kanarraville/ Hamilton Fort. Turn left to get to Kanarraville. Go to 100 E in the small town and drive East  right up to the mountains. The small dirt parking lot will be on the left side of the road.
Kanaraville Falls Hike

5. Spring Creek Canyon: This is another slot canyon hike near Kanarraville falls. This is a really short and easy hike with lots to explore and see. This canyon is beautiful and perfect for all ages.
Take the I-15 Kanarraville exit just south of Cedar.  At 400 S Main Street (in Kanarraville), head southeast toward the cliffs.  Head for the cliffs

6. The Reservoir: Up on the hill by Wal-mart, behind the aquatics center is a man-made reservoir. There is a sandy beach to play on, fishing, and kayaks to rent out. A fun place for get-togethers, parties, and hanging out.

7. Cave: Near the trailhead of the 'C' hike is another trailhead. This one will lead to a stream that leads to a waterfall. It's a bit tricky to climb, but once you get to the cave it is worth. It is the perfect place to have a fire and explore.

8. Rock Climbing: Of course I have to mention all of the rock climbing available. Both up the canyon and west of Cedar City there is a lot of outdoor rock climbing opportunities. There are also two climbing gyms: SUU's rock wall and also the new Boulder Box on the west end of town.

Want to do:
1. Camping in Three Peaks
Get on hwy 56
Turn left on Lund Road
Head north for 5 mi to Mid-Valley Rd
Turn west for 2 mi
It will be on the right

2. Lion's Mouth Cave:
Drive east on HWY 56.
Follow the road for 15-17 miles.
Shortly after the mile post 46, turn left onto a dirt road called Pinto Road.
Follow the road for about a mile
On the right hand side is a turn off where the trail begins.

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