Wednesday, July 30, 2014

how true it is

>Electric hand dryers are great for when you want to just give up and wipe your hands on your pants.
>Posting a status update before responding to someone's text is the easiest way to let them know how unimportant they are.
>7 billion people on the planet and I can only tolerate maybe 10
>Flies only live for 24 hours. Except for the ones that get in your room. Those bastards live forever.
>Before social networking you could just completely forget someone existed. And it was great.
>The most powerful I ever feel is waving pedestrians to walk in front of my car. "Go forth, and trust that I will not kill you."
>“Careful, there’s poop on the dance floor.” – how ballet was invented.
>I know it’s 3 meals a day, but how many should I eat at night?
>You know your day is complete when someone in a vehicle with a "COEXIST" bumper sticker flips you off.
>If you ever come over unannounced, it'll take me at least three minutes to answer the door because there is no way I was already wearing pants

Monday, July 28, 2014

solo camping

After work on Sunday I decided to head up the canyon to camp for the night.
(Having no morning commitments is the dream.)
I packed my bag with all of the necessities and headed up.
The evening was quite nice-
Filled with sunsets, timer selfies, swings, and hiking.
Guys, I don't know if you've hung out with me, but I'm pretty fun.
I like hanging out with me.
As night came I set up my tent under the light of the cutest lantern in the world.
(Reference pictures below.)
I really didn't want to fall victim to the squirrels and jackals as I slept alone and defenseless.
Night fell and I listened to the wind trying to rip my tent out of the ground and the fireworks from the valley.
I started imagining mountain men coming to capture me to turn me into soup.
At one point in the night I could've sworn that I heard someone outside my tent.
So I lay there for ten minutes, working up the courage to confront them.
I finally burst out of my tent with my knife in hand and.....
See nothing.
Cause my contact fell out.
Naturally, I spent the rest of the night standing guard cause there was no way I was hiking back down in the dark.
Don't worry, I'm still alive.

Friday, July 25, 2014

adventure awaits

The deposit has been paid.
Which makes my decision official.
Which means no mind changing.
In April, after the graduation cap has been tossed in the air, I'm moving.
Yup. I'm all about that YOLO life.
So I've gotta start practicing my "G'day"s and "mate"s cause I'll be there for 6 months at least.
Doing what?
I don't quite know yet, but it shall be figured out.
I'v still got a while to stress and freak out.

Monday, July 14, 2014

the blind date


Oh blind dates.
Such a glorious part of life.
I, for one, have been on my share of fabulous blind dates.
One guy was a polygamist.
One guy showed up at my house and realized that he had made out with my sister in high school.
And one guy was the worst.
Within the first five minutes he slugbug punched me.
And not the "I'm punching a lady so I should do it gently" type.
Then he wouldn't let me play any arcade games-I basically just held is tokens for him.
But the kicker comes at the end of the night.
He finally drives me home after 6 hours of non-stop fun.
He pulls up to my house, stopping in the middle of the street.
"Odd", I thought, "Maybe he is just gonna drop me off real quick."
So I get out of the car and......
He drives away.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

a letter

Dear Children,
Life sucks.
As you grow up you might face anxiety, depression, illness, injury, and so on and so forth. If you don’t go through one of those then you will certainly face sorrow, despair, grief, guilt, temptation…….. and the list goes on. You will go through things that just wear you down and almost break you. You will experience great pain and suffering. And you will want to quit.
So basically, life sucks and there’s no stopping it. We face an adversary that is unbelievably good at what he does. He knows you and he knows what you can’t handle and he knows exactly how you hurt. He is the one wearing you down and breaking you. He is telling you that you cannot make it. He hates you and he wants to destroy you. And guess what? He can. And a lot of times we let him.
But do you wanna know the greatest thing? You don’t have to let him. You can defeat him. You just have to keep the truth in your life. It doesn’t feel like it now, but when we come face to face with our adversary we will see that he is absolutely nothing. He only has as much power over us as we let him. The real power and the real strength come from our Heavenly Father and Savior. They are the ones that provide us with happiness and strength and blessings.
When you are at your end and you want to give up just remember that you are blessed. You have people that love you. It doesn’t matter how many, but as long as you have one person that loves you then you are blessed. If you have ever experienced happiness then you are blessed. If you have felt the Spirit guide and comfort you then you are blessed. If you have felt the power of service and sacrifice then you are blessed. You are blessed. And you are strong. If you are better than you were yesterday then you are strong. If you aren’t better than you were yesterday, but you want to be then you are strong. If you have any part of you that wants to gain power of Satan then you are strong.

And at the end of the day, the good ultimately outweighs the bad. And as soon as you realize that you are strong and that you are blessed then all the bad doesn’t seem so bad because even though life sucks, it is also the most beautiful gift that we have. So no matter how hard it is and how bad it gets you don’t need to worry because you are strong and you are blessed. And Satan can never take that away from you.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

what's in a trunk

I was talking to somebody once about how a trunk can say a lot about a person.
So here's mine.
Climbing Gear: Cause, ya know, I climb.
Sports Gear: Cause I pretend to play sports obvs. See that soccer ball? Someone threw it at me my freshmen year and I kept it. That fishing pole? Only used a couple of times. The racquets? Well, those get used. I'm just no good at racquetball.
Toilet Paper: I've still got a bounty of the good stuff from when I got fired and took as much as I could hold.
Backpack: This just resembles my daily trips to practicum and then to the library. I never would have thought that I, McKenzie Sant, would spend so much time doing homework in the campus library.
Dishes: I never entirely moved out of my car......but I am prepared for any food emergencies that may arise.
Tent: It's a one person tent, but if you're confident enough it can fit two people. And it has.
I.C.E.: In case my car ever breaks down and I don't have a man. Strong, independent women ALWAYS have their own jumper cables.
Rope: Who doesn't need ropes?
So does this say a lot about me?
Could you write a book on my life now?

Monday, July 7, 2014

beautiful words

I'm one of those people that highlights.
I like to buy my own books so that I can highlight my favorite parts.
So when I read a library book, a good 'ol dog-ear will have to suffice.
The book I just finished is called Insurgent, the sequel to Divergent.
I just can't live without my dystopias.
Anyways, there was some beautiful words in this book.
And I wanted to share them.

I read somewhere, once, that crying defies scientific explanation. Tears are only meant to lubricate the eyes. There is no real reason for tear glands to overproduce tears at the behest of emotion. I think we cry to release the animal parts of us without losing our humanity. Because inside me is a beast that snarls, and growls, and strains toward freedom, toward Tobias, and, above all, toward life. And as hard as I try, I cannot kill it. So I sob into my hands instead.

"May the peace of God be with you, even in the midst of trouble."
"Why would it? After all I've done.........."
"It isn't about you. It is a gift. You cannot earn it, or it ceases to be a gift."

Color fills her cheeks, and I think it again: that Johanna Reyes might still be beautiful. Except now I think that she isn't beautiful in spite of her scar, she's somehow beautiful with it.

Smitten right?
Yeah, they kinda gave me the feels.