Sunday, May 31, 2015

well hello there

We hit up Greece.
And it was pretty neat.
We got our own private beach to start off the fun.
Ok, not completely private.
But it was private from people that didn't want to spend five bucks.
Worth it.
Then the next day we headed into the great and spacious city to see if we would run into hercules.
Alas, we did not.
But we saw some pretty rad sights that are from like a bajillion years ago.
To be approximate.
My stamp of approval is placed upon this country.
But not on their public transportation.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

the last day

On our last day in Luxembourg was a bit more relaxed.
We slept in and then after some brunch, headed north.
We drove through windy forests until we reached the small town of Vianden.
After walking around for a bit we rode a chairlift to a castle.
And our favorite part of that sentence was the chairlift.
We're children.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

luxembourg day two

Technically day four.
There were two days in the mix there that were dedicated to relaxing.
And The Big Bang Theory.
But when we did get out and see the sites, we dragged a local along with us.
And she took us to an American Military memorial,
(So that we would feel more at home of course)
And then to Little Switzerland where we saw castles and waterfalls and trees.
(So that we would feel like we were in Narnia)

Friday, May 22, 2015

luxembourg city

We ventured out to Luxembourg City.
The first time we couldn't understand a single soul so our scared little bums didn't venture far from the train station.
We hit up a couple of stores that very much resembled America except for some of the broken-english-graphic-tees.
A couple of hours later we were graciously saved by our host.
The next day...we rested ALL day.
To recuperate of course.
Then yesterday we tried again.
And this time we actually left the station.
We jumped on the green tourist train where we learned that we were currently in the "Gibraltar of the North."
Who would'a thunk it.
All day was spent exploring the fortress of the city.
Confidence was high.
Until we got in the wrong car with the wrong woman.
We were definitely knocked down a peg.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

what i miss

Backpacking can be rough sometimes.
You have to give up a lot of poshness that America and a home provides.
And to sum up nicely our feelings,
Said by Kelsey, "I forgot I'm a brat."
So these are the things I miss that made me remember that I'm a brat.
>Having un-wrinled clothes
>American Netflix. Apparently the UK has a different Netflix than Europe and Europe has a different Netflix than America.
>Having well-painted toenails. I feel like bare piggies make my whole appearance go downhill.
>Watching Grey's Anatomy. I left before the season ended so nobody ruin it for me please.
>Living out of a 2 foot square area is a new thing to experience.
>Being clean. I don't usually shower that much but now that it's not always an option, I really miss it.
>Floss. Who knew?
>Understanding the language people are talking.
>Not paying for a toilet wherever I go.

etc etc.

Monday, May 18, 2015

the best of the districts

We headed to Chelsea district to spend the duration of our London time.
And it was the best.
Much less ghetto than our first one: Willesden.
First we stopped at a soccer stadium so that I could make Derek jealous.
And buy him the whole gift shop.
We then went back to the best garden in the world: Kensington, and took a snooze.
As we were leaving the gardens we ran into a big crowd of people and decided to walk through.
Turns out it was circles and circles of bible bashers.
By far, the best crowd I've been in here.

london calling

Day Two: The day we slept in.
We aren't quite adjusted to the time difference still and the only reason we slept in was because we stayed up until two wide awake.
But when we woke up we went and got some brekky and then headed to King's Cross.
Guys, Harry Potter.
We saw him.
Just kidding.
But we took a picture at Platform 9 3/4.
Unrealistic if you ask me.
They do NOT jump in the air when they run through the wall.
So why do I have to for the picture?
Anywho, after that we meandered down the boardwalk and ended up at the Tower Bridge.
Where we walked on a glass floor and I about peed myself.
But that was definitely something worth paying six pounds for.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

london part two

OK. Here are the rest of London Day One pictures.
Courtesy of Kelsey's camera.
We went. We saw. We did.
And in the end, our favorite part ended up being riding on top of the double decker in the front row.
Those babies are like a roller coaster ride!
Also, Kennsington Gardens is bomb.
No toursists.
And grass.
And swans.
A perfect combination of fun.