Friday, May 24, 2013


I moved home and all my stuff has been strewn about because I'm only home for the Summer.
And I procrastinate.
So yesterday I was cleaning out some stuff to find room for my college stuff.
I ended up going through a box that contains all my memories:
Journals, scrapbooks, souvenirs, mementos, letters, etc.
It was so fun to see what a nerd I was in elementary....and on.
Lately I have been feeling really nostalgic.
Not "oh I miss those carefree high school days" nostalgia.
This nostalgia came from remembering the last two college days.
I'm still in my college days, but I miss the first two years of them.
Like Andy from the office said:
"I wish you could know you were in the good ol' days while you were still in them"
I am still in them.
Those first two years of college were amazing and I know that the next two
(or 3...?)
Will be just as amazing if not more.
I'm changing schools and this has added to the nostalgia.
Thinking about maybe never seeing some of my friends ever again?
I hope I do, but sometimes life gets in the way and it never happens.
That last day living in Cedar City produced such a strange feeling.
It didn't feel real that that was going to be my last night in that quiet little town.
That town that I called home for two years.
It was bitter-sweet.
I felt a sense of longing for wanting to stay and remain in the comfort of this circle of friends.
Tam and I had only started hanging out with some of these people the last few months.
It wasn't enough time.
But it was too finally get comfortable and then leave it all.
To balance the feeling of longing I felt a sense of excitement.
I was getting ready to start truly working towards what I want in life.
Going to a new school and starting my program.
This was also going to be a chance to meet even more amazing people.
What brought this post on was reading something from a journal from middle school.
My biggest change was also changing schools...but this time it was to high school.
So the journal entry was a little dramatic for it's time.
But it fit perfectly for this time.
        "I wonder why we're so surprised by change. It's happening all the time, all around us. Things are           always ending and beginning in life. The surprising thing, I guess, would be if things weren't changing.   We're always moving or changing, or someone near and dear to us is taking a new step. The best you can do is make sure that what you carry within you are the things that are important, the things that matter, the things that will last forever."
Wasn't I just such a little philosopher?

And here's a picture of a dog.
He has nothing to do with this post.

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