Sunday, August 31, 2014

the end

"................Because if we're not sharing it, why are we experiencing it?"

It's the end.
I finished.
Now, for editors.
Raise of hands as to who wants to help give me feedback.
I only need a few kind souls to email me at
Only the brave ones though.


Monday, August 25, 2014

arizona cardinals

I wore this shirt the other day.
(OK, not this exact one....cause that's obvs not me...)
I was walking around my apartment complex meeting new people.
I started talking to a group of guys and things were going good.
(Good as in, we had all said our names correctly).
Then one asked me if I was from Arizona.
"No", I said.
"I actually don't even like baseball."
Anybody else see the very prominent football helmet smack dab in the middle?
Yeah, he did too.
I tried to laugh it off as if I was joking but...
We all knew....

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

the video

Since I dropped my camera in a puddle of ocean water and it didn't dry until later in the trip....
this is all I got!

California from McKenzie Sant on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


In the spirit of BYU homeless week I thought that I would share a little story.
A couple of summers ago I was a nanny up in the Salt Lake area.
I always just kept a bag packed in the car because I never knew where I would be sleeping that night.
Depending on when I got done with work, errands, and traffic I would either stay at my parents, my sister's or a friend's.
Thus, my belongings in my car.
I had a stick of deodorant in there and due to the sweltering summer heat it melted.
I was too cheap to buy a new one so I was just going to wait until I stayed at my parent's again.
Since it had melted I couldn't possibly apply it.
So I crossed my fingers and went about my day.
In the late afternoon the little girl I nanny was sitting by me while we watched a movie.
She looks at me after a little bit and says, "you stink".
The Summer heat had gotten to me.
I tried to wipe my pits down with a paper towel to see what that would do.
She informed me that it didn't work.
So I tried my hardest to get that melted deodorant to do it's job.
It must have done something because she smelled the culprits and then looked up at me in amazement and said,
"Woah. How did you do that?"
Magic my dear friend.
Now everyone, go use a little magic today.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


33 hours in the car.
1530 miles drive.
46 states found in the license plate game.
3 nights.
150 dollars spent per person.
And my first time in California.
I'd say it was a good one!
San Diego, I love you and want to live on your beaches one day.
And now here is a bucketload of pictures.

Monday, August 11, 2014


I have a hidden talent-being able to find really random jobs.
That NOBODY else wants.
I currently have approximately 5 jobs-all random as heck.
My favorite job though has got to be my dishwashing job.
It's in the creamery so donuts and ice cream for dinner is the usual for me now.
I get them for free.
(Well....I eat them and I don't pay
Also, my boss is an old man that says the dumbest jokes.
But since he's old, they are actually really funny jokes.
He saw me lift a really heavy bowl today and he just looked at me in amazement and said,
"'re not a wimp!"
Glad I could surprise him with my bowl-lifting skills.
Really, I was crying inside.
It was pretty darn heavy, probably the weight of a baby elephant.
I try to act real tough because I work with all guys and they actually are tough.
But when it takes me ten minutes to push a cart of trays five feet they see through my facade.
On the flip side I sprayed myself in the face with the power washer.
Then I smashed my finger in the dishwasher door that I was sure it had fallen off.
It hadn't.
No workers comp for me I guess.
Maybe tomorrow?

Sunday, August 10, 2014


I've been getting ready for Australia and holy cow I'm excited.
I started thinking about Africa and the experiences I had there.
I originally went because some german man on the street told me to live my dreams.
And I'm so glad that I did.
Or else I never would have gone to an impromptu Kenyan wedding,
been ripped off by a man in a shop,
lost my luggage in the city,
been proposed to by my taxi driver,
gotten lost in a Nigerian airport,
or nearly fallen into a poop hole.
I can't wait for the adventures to come next year when I hop on the plane for the next chapter of my life.
I won't be gaining stability or security, but that's fine with me.
Because I'll be gaining experiences that are once in a lifetime.
There's something amazing and exhilarating about getting on a plane to go to a new country all by yourself.
So, graduation, please come faster.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

time for a book

"Growing up and feeling so broken and isolated I wanted to find someone that was like me.
As I looked for literature on the topic of depression I found that I was coming up short.
I found books on the science behind the disorder, how to cope with the disorder, and how to understand it.
This wasn't what I was looking for though. Frankly, I didn't much care about the fact that my brain had a chemical misbalance.
What I was looking for was a story.
I wanted to hear how someone personally dealt with depression.
I didn't care what a scientist, who had never suffered from depression, had discovered in his research.
I wanted desperately to find someone to relate to.
If I wasn't going to find that person in real life, I wanted to at least find that person in a book.
I didn't though, so I decided to try to be that person for others.
I want people to know that someone just like them is going through this stuff.
I want people to know that they're not the only ones.
I want people to know that they're OK."

I'm writing a book.
It's almost done.
Some of my blog posts I've written have been excerpts from it.
But, now that it's almost done, I'm stumped.
How do I go about getting it out to the public?
Is this actually incredibly stupid?
Would anyone read it?
Now would be a great time for everyone to give me their input.
Thanks :)

Saturday, August 2, 2014


I always thought that robots would be the ones to take over the world.
I no longer believe this to be true.
Technology is the most unreliable thing-definitely not organized enough to control a species.
My phone broke.
And I suddenly realized how much we rely on our phones.
I should call my parents for help.
Never mind, don't have a phone.
I'll use a stranger's phone.
Never mind, their numbers are in my phone.
Well, what time is it?
I don't know, my phone is broken.
As these thoughts continued throughout the days of trying to get a phone and failing I started having to use phrases such as
"Oh let me check my watch."
"Hey can you e-mail me when you're coming to get me?"
(5 broken phones later and ya just about wanna cry 1000 tears.....)
I decided that Facebook would now be my main form of communication.
I got on my computer.
(I should've seen this's been spitting out dust and smoke for about a week.)
So.....I went and bought a new computer.
That's just how life works sometimes.
And I can assure you that every single Verizon and Best Buy sales associate knows me by name.
And my hometown.
And my major.
And my dog's name.
And that's not even a joke.
So, no.
I don't think robots will take over the world.
And by the looks of it, neither will humans.
Cause we suck at life when technology dies.
I guess it's a race between McDonald's and Wal-Mart.