Monday, May 6, 2013

what i do

What do I do?
-I am a student. Literally. I go to college and hope that I learn stuff. I try to be a student in life too. Learning should be done everywhere, during everything (I'm going into education...can you tell?). I try to always be learning about new things and reading interesting books and watching the news. This also makes conversations a lot more interesting (rather than talking about so-and-so's new boyfriend and all sorts of other drama).

-I rock climb. There is nothing quite like finishing a really hard route that you have been working on for days or weeks. I'm not the best rock climber out there, but I'm better than when I began. That's what I love about rock climbing. Nobody is being compared to others and you never have to worry about being judged. You are just challenging yourself. You are only trying to do better than what you did yesterday.

-I try many new things. I don't think I'm extremely good at one thing, but I am decent at a lot of things. I love trying knew things. Racquetball, tennis, pickleball, volleyball, photography, swimming, sewing, scrapbooking, skateboarding, etc. But I am always trying new things because that's what life is about....experiencing new things!

And that's what I do :)

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