Saturday, May 4, 2013


I finished with finals and headed home yesterday.
I should be singing praises right now, right?
Wrong. I'm not done.
Ya see.....I did something stupid.
The only final that I had to go to class for was on Thursday.
Thursday at three.
I planned everything around this final...
Meetings, work, appointments, check-out...
Thursday rolls around and I start studying for my test.
(procrastinate much?)
As I'm studying I look at my syllabus and instantly notice:
My test was Wednesday!!!!
Oh my goodness, I'm a dumb.
I e-mail my teacher to kindly ask her to disregard my stupidity and let me take the test.
Her reply: LOL, I'll send you a take-home test.
I'm glad my teacher is chill enough to say LOL and to let me re-do this.

On my first day back in R-town I asked my brother to teach me how to skateboard.
He is basically a pro and I want to be that cool.
(Really it's because my favorite character in the current TV series I'm watching skateboards....)
One lesson down and I have a LOT more practice to do.
I landed on my butt many times.
He challenged me to go down the hill.
And so I sat my rear end on it and rode down that hill.
That's how it's done.

My brother is a fabulous skateboard model.
These pictures weren't taken recently.
They were for my photography class a few years back.
Sorry in advance brother :)

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