Wednesday, October 26, 2016

the fanny pack diaries: silver lake

During our honeymoon Derek and I went to Silver Lake.
And a year later we went back to film a video.
And everytime I see it I am just awed by how beautiful it is!

Hike: It's hardly a hike. It's a .9 mile jaunt around a lake.
Time: Personally I believe Fall to be the best time to see it, but it's available all the time.
Directions: Directions from Salt Lake City: Access #1: Follow Big Cottonwood Canyon Road (7000 South Wasatch Blvd.) about 14.2 miles up the canyon to the Silver Lake Visitor's Center parking area across from the Brighton Store on the west side of the road. Trail begins behind the Visitor's Center (boarded walkway).
Activities: Picnic, "hike", fish, canoe, etc.

Friday, October 21, 2016

free date ideas

A couple of weeks ago Derek and I went bowling.
This was always Derek's date of choice in his single days, but we never went together because I'm not a big bowling fan.
But we finally got to go together and it was so much fun!
No worrying about adult things, just giggling and joking and having fun!
In borrowed shoes.
So today I'm bringing you a list of free date ideas to keep that dating magic alive.

1. Go Geocaching. We went approximately once and were terrible. But it was a good time.
2. Rent movies from the library and make a snack together.
3. Give massages. Look up a how-to on YouTube so it's not completely awful.
4. Go to the temple together. Even if it's just to walk around or sit on the grass.
5. Go to your local rec center. You can swim or play racquetball or basketball. (I guess this is only free if you are actually a member of a rec center or gym...)
6. Play Minute To Win It Games. Bring out those competitive sides.
7. Go on a hike together.
8. YouTube Challenges. There are fun challenges all over the web. Try some out together and maybe record it for later viewing.
9. Home Depot class. We tried this and failed. But it would have been fun. Look up when your local Home Depot does free classes.
10. Have a game night. With just each other or with friends.
11. Go to the Puppy Barn. Obviously.
12. Snapchat Hide and Seek. Choose a place with good reception though. Go to a mall and hide, sending snaps until they find you.
13. Bookstore scavenger hunt. Mostly fun if you like books. Sample list here.
14. Have dinner with friends.
15. Play your favorite old video games and computer games. We played Roller Coaster Tycoon for hours and loved it. My family thought we were big nerds.
16. Have a night of watching funny YouTube videos. Ones you've seen and ones you haven't.

Friday, October 14, 2016


As seen in pictures, Derek and I have upgraded our life; with a puppy.
His name is Bruce and we (along with the vet) suspect him to be a boxer/heeler mix at the ripe ol' age of..... 3 months.
Our lovely sister-in-law brought him into our lives last minute when her friend found him in the wilderness of Southern Utah, hiding under a rock.
And ever since (Approximately 5 days) our lives have been crazy.
I honestly didn't realize how much work a puppy was.
Because having one when you're a little kid is a completely different story than having one when you're an adult.
But he's worth all of it.
Especially when his tail wags and it shakes his whole body.
And he's so scared of everything including being left alone for even a second.
And he attacks inanimate objects that he thinks are his enemies.
The picture above is of his first bath when he pooped everywhere and wasn't so cute.
But still pretty cute.