Monday, August 24, 2015


This weekend was the first one that we didn't have a million things that we had to do.
So we took a nap.
And went paddle boarding,
Which is one of my favorite things.
I think when I'm rich and famous imma buy me a couple bad boys and then sit and mock the poor renters...

This time around we went to Utah Lake because it was the closest and the cheapest.
When we got there the lake was about two feet deep so the danger of falling in was pretty minimal.
However, the danger of getting a disease from the water was quite high.
But despite the warning signs about the water sanitation at the gate.....we got all our gear and hopped right in.
Then we just paddled our little arms out to the middle of the lake and tried our hand at some yoga.
After downward dog I wanted to paddle all the way across the lake, but decided that I would rather eat a sandwich...
So we didn't fill our whole rental time, but eh.

Cost: $30 for two boards for two hours
Where: Lindon Marina (renting on the beach)
Gear: A blanket (Or you can be homeless and just throw your stuff on the bare grass like an animal)
          Food and water (

Saturday, August 22, 2015


Things are a little busy round these parts.
Being manager isn't exACTLY what I thought it would be.
Mostly it's getting buried in lots of paper and lists of things to do.
And then yesterday I woke up and realized that I'm getting married in less that a month.
And that's weird.
Also, I haven't thought about anything wedding-y for a solid two weeks.
So last night we headed to the bookstore to pick up a guest sign in so we at least look a little put together.
Then we promptly lost it five minutes later.
Along with my contact case and needles and thread.
I just moved in and I don't even own anything, so why am I losing everything??
Anyways, my life is in shambles.
So I'll just be over here crying into my leftovers as my sanity runs out the door.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

new keys

Here is the cliche (but belated) posting of the keys to our new place as a not-yet-married-couple.
Ya see that little door up there on the top right?
That's ours.
Feel free to stalk us or leave giant teddy bears on the porch.
And ya see that little door on the top left??
That's our neighbors.
But what's special about these neighbors is.....
They're Derek's cousins!!!!
And it is the best sharing a porch with them.
Especially because she made me delicious pumpkin bread.
And it was delicious.
I moved in on August 1st and Derek obvs doesn't live there yet.
So you could say it's somewhat of a bachelorette pad.
I get to decorate with all of my pink pillows and flowers and stuffed animals and he can't even say no cause he doesn't live there yet.....
It's pretty posh, I know.
Welcome to my crib.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

the radio

When it comes to radio stations 97.1 is definitely the best.
I'm not a big fan of the music but the commentary on the Morning Zoo is just divine.
I just eat it up.
They have a lot of text topics where people can message in and share their stories.
And since wedding bells are in the air.....
(Ahem. Mine.)
I decided to share today's topic which, ironically, has to do with wedding bells.
The question: "Were you miffed because you weren't invited to the wedding?"
Now, the time has come when Derek and I have started making the cuts.
We stay up late at night and ask ourselves which of our friends have bought us a pony or gone out of their way to feed us grapes and massage our backs.
(The list is getting pretty short people....)
And we end up stumped.
Who should we invite?????
Jokes, it's not that hard.
Really, we just throw an invite to anybody who looks our way.
But if you don't get invited, just know it's probably because you ate my paste in second grade.
Or stole my boyfriend in high school.
Or I don't want you to eat all of our food.......
So heads up....the list is official and invites will be released to the public in no time.
And if you haven't given us an address like A LOT of people....(hint.hint.)
Then give it to us or you're not invited, punks.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


[Go check out ^our photos^ at]

SO we are engaged, if you hadn't heard.
That means that we got dressed all fancy and then got our pictures taken to send out to all our loved ones.
That means, I-wore-this-shirt-all-day-trying-not-to-be-stinky-and-then-when-we-saw-each-other-5-minutes-before-meeting-the-photographer-I-picked-out-his-shirt-and-made-him-change-in-the-parking-garage-and-got-our-pictures-taken-to-send-out-to-all-the-rich-people-we-know.
Whew, take a breath.
Anyway, if you have taken engagements before then you know the stress.
*Oh my, there are people walking around EVERYWHERE*
*Gah! And they are staring!*
*AND hollering???*
*Act natural*
*No! Why did I put my arm there? That was weird. I'm weird.*
*Ok OK, just kiss him and pretend pictures aren't being taken.*
*OK, pull away! I wouldn't want grandmother seeing this!*
*Let's try acting natural again.*
*I think that's too natural*
*Fake laugh, hurry!
*Toss the hair, but not too aggressively.*
*Don't slouch*
*Act natural*
*What the poop is natural in this situation? I don't naturally get my picture taken all of the time.*
*Do I look at the camera?*
*Try a smize, I learned that from Tyra Banks.*
*Ew, I don't think that was right. I think I just have crazy eyes.*
*Lips open or closed??*
*Ah we should've practiced in the mirror before we came.*
*Whisper in his ear*
*....That's not natural.*
*Don't burp. Don't burp*
*Giggle and look adorable!!!!*

Nah, it wasn't all that bad.
I mean, it's not everyday that the paparazzi follows us around.
BUT our photographer was awesome and even got excellent shots of us little love birds.
Now we are all prepared for the wedding day.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Derek has discovered Amazon.
And I'm always wondering what I'm going to come home to next.
The latest internet find was a machete.
But it's pretty dang cool so I won't give him any much grief.
At least he is not buying any of the things on this list.
Like the sexy inflatable sheep.
WHO is even buying that?
Or the can of unicorn meat.....
Or a stegosaurus dog costume. 
(OK that would be pretty adorable.)
I wouldn't mind him buying the unicorn mask though.
I mean....SO many obvious uses.
I guess as long as he doesn't buy the wolf urine....

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