Friday, May 17, 2013

the view from here

In this post I talked about what makes me happy.
One of those things was witnessing the world be.
There are so many beautiful things that this world offers.
Last night Tami and I went to the Draper Temple.
It was gorgeous.
The dark green trees, white temple, and gray clouds.

It made me think of all of my favorite views I've ever seen.
Ya know, the ones that just cannot be captured on camera.
So we have to store them away in our minds and try not to forget.

1. My favorite view in the entire world was from an airplane.
Sunsets from an airplane are amazing, but that wasn't my favorite.
I watched a distant thunderstorm in the middle of the night from one.
Lightening strikes, shooting stars, bursts of light.... beautiful.
2. Nighttime ombre skies are my favorite.
When the sun is setting and there's just a little bit of orange at the bottom.
And the colors slowly fade to black at the top.
In saying that....Utah sunsets are always amazing.
And in saying that.....
3. My next favorite view is driving north into the Salt Lake valley at Sunset.
With the mountains all lit up and reflecting off Utah Lake.
The clouds are orange and pink, they look like they're on fire.
4. I experienced my next one last year. Sitting at the base of Mount Olympus.
Looking over the valley at night. Amazing.

Now it looks like I need to get out of Utah and see some more amazing views :)

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