Sunday, June 28, 2015

kids are liars

Kids are liars.
And according to a recent study done by some fancy school, kids that are better liars are also smarter.
Good for them.
Honestly, I wish more kids were liars.
Because I don't particularly wanna hear that this sweater makes me look like Santa Claus.
Or that my haircut makes me look like your brother.
Honesty from kids is just too honest.
Anywho, back to what you came to this blog for: me.
And this is my lying story:
I'm sure you all remember back in 5th grade when everyone had to go to maturation and learn about their changing bodies.
And we learned more about puberty and body odor and hair in weird places.
Well, after this little party, it was the hottest thing in elementary to be going through puberty.
If you wanted to be cool, you had to be going through puberty.
As if it was the equivalent of getting your license first.
However, I had no idea what the heck puberty really was.
(And let's be honest...I still don't)
BUT I wanted to be the coolest of my friends.
So I told a little lie.
I told them that I was going through puberty.
And they wanted to hear all about it with all of the gory details of course.
And I had 'em, thanks to library books and Seventeen magazine.
I knew what I was talking about and nobody was the wiser.
But, sitting at home one day, I knew I had to go a step further.
I had to make this lie even more believable.
Nothing was worse than getting caught in a puberty lie in elementary.
So obviously I knew that I had to make my posterity know of this lie too.
I had to write it in my journal.
And that's why, in my fifth grade journal, you can see written in pink pen:
"Today I started my puberty."
Which obviously shows that I didn't know what puberty was......

Monday, June 22, 2015

weekend review

>Check out these hilarious rubber band portraits.
>I would love to make this awesome bench.
>29 fascinating photos that may blow your mind.
>This designer turned flowers and petals into amazing dress designs.
> There's gonna be a new ten dollar bill. With a woman!! What??
>Here's the nostalgia machine to make your childhood ear's dreams come true.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

father's day

On this lovely day of Fathers I have decided to write on the topic of gifts.
And what I'm sure ALL fathers actually want.

1. Bacon in the morning. And in the afternoon. And in the evening. And snacks of course too.

2. And for those in-between-bacon bites, something that is not going to be healthy. No trying out new meals today. No cauliflower disguised as mashed potatoes or rice. Just some good 'ol diabetes on a plate. (How would you like your eggs? a cake.)

3. Control of the remote for the whole day. Don't make him watch anymore Say Yes To The Dress on this day. Let him watch something gruesome like The Walking Dead or....Duck Dynasty.

4. Silence. Stop yakking his ear off and let the man sit in peace for a whole day.

5. And last of all, the gift of manliness. Let him grow his beard out, or spit wherever he wants, or leave the toilet seat up, or not wash his hands...... (?)

Happy Father's Day to all them dads.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

crafty kenzie

So, backpacking wasn't all it's cracked up to be.
I suppose my dream of living in a van is dead now.
So what will be my new identity?
Now that I'm not hobo Kenzie, WHO AM I??
I'm gonna try out being crafty Kenzie.
I'll let you know how it goes.
But to debut my new persona here's a clock that I prettied up.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

weekend review

>I definitely didn't take this picture but I found it here.
>This amazing view of the Salt Flats at night is just stunning.
>Since we all love movie's a few classics.
>Speaking of movies. Jurassic world. Excellent but....scary.
>And since we all want to visit Jurassic World here's a news story for ya.

Friday, June 12, 2015

travel journal

If somebody had stolen my passport and all my money I would not have been as sad as if they stole my travel journal.
This journal had all of the information that I needed for the whole trip-dates, confirmation numbers, addresses....
I think that we would have died without the information in it.
So what do you need in a travel journal?

^^I first included the calendar of where we would be everyday so that we could plan activities^^

^^Then I planned out things that I needed to do before I left. Like buy deodorant and pack...^^

^^I made sure to write down all of the important numbers that I might need. Like contacts in America and the embassies. Just in case.^^

^^I wrote down all of my flight information so that I would have it all in one place. I also wrote down information about that particular airline or airport.^^
^^ I also wrote down the information for our hostels that we stayed at so that we would have addresses, prices, directions, hostel rules, etc. all right where I could see it.^^
 ^^Even though we didn't do all the things that we wanted I wrote down what the activities were and how much they would cost, how long they would take....and included a googles maps map with all of the places marked on it so that we could make the most of our time and see the things that were closest to each other in the same days.^^

^^ Here's the budget. I'll write another post on this later but this was definitely a hard task for me to keep up with during the trip as you can see...^^

^^ I designated about 4 pages at the back for notes on the trip. If somebody gave us good tips or ideas I could write them here.^^
^^And last but not least. I wrote in my journal in the back. With of course, lots of pictures of ma boo.^^

Thursday, June 11, 2015

how to survive

After living out of a pack for a month you come to learn what the best ways to survive are.
And now I am here to share with all of you future travelers.
Or just curious stalkers.

>Baby wipes. BABY WIPES! Sometimes ya just get rull sweaty and gross and need to take a shower. But sometimes there's not a shower. At least not a good one. So welcome the wipes. They are bliss.

>Body spray. For somewhat the same reason as the first one. Sometimes ya just stink and all your clean clothes are mushed in with your dirty clothes and it's no good. Spritz on a little sweet blossom and you're good to go.

>Pick a theme song. We had to make sure to listen to Bright by Echosmith at least once a day to soothe our homesickness and frustrations. And we were totally those girls that walked around a foreign town singing our guts out. Just to feel more secure in ourselves of course.

>Don't eat like it's a vacation!!! We all do a bunch of junk because we're on vacation. But I tell you now...NO! If you are going to be gone for more than two days, try to eat a little healthy. I'm pretty sure that I was slowly dying because the only food we were eating was pastries and sugar. When we spent a day crawling through town looking for a measly fruit cup to buy we knew it was bad. Don't let it get that far.

>If you're a tourist just be one. The times we enjoyed the places we were in the most was when we were being a tourist. Ride the big red buses carrying people with their cameras and selfie sticks around. Take the walking tours with all of the other foreigners. Rock your tourist-ness and actually learn about where you are at. Standing in the middle of a crowded street staring at a map with your selfie stick hanging out of your pocket is ideal.

Monday, June 8, 2015


The last stop of the trip was Venice.
This city also happened to be our absolute favorite.
Aside from the humidity, it was a dream come true.
The crowds weren't too crazy, the story of Venice is amazing, and there was pretty water.
Gross, but pretty.
To start off, we walked from the train station to our campsite for 3 miles with our packs on.
Yeah, I'd say we were pretty legit.
It's not easy carrying your house on your back for that long.
I don't know how turtles do it.
The next day we took a walking tour of the city and learned all of the cool stories behind the floating city.
It was pretty awesome.
This led to us exploring most of the inches of the city.
Not every inch.
We even spent a day riding water buses and heading over to the island of Burano with all of the beautiful houses.
It was the perfect end to the trip.
Highly recommended by yours truly.

Friday, June 5, 2015


Imma have to be honest and say that Rome was the least favorite.
Which is sad because I was pretty excited for it.
But I didn't appreciate the people or our train that caught on fire.
(I didn't get travel insurance but if I had I'm pretty sure that wouldn't have been covered...)
However, we tried to make the most out of our stay and did the right thing to do when you're a tourist-hop on the big red sightseeing bus.
This took us all around town and dropped us off at every hoard of people.
The Colosseum was definitely the highlight of the place.
And I know that because that's pretty much all I took pictures of.
Also I tried a new camera setting which makes everything look like a child's toy.