Wednesday, May 29, 2013

memorial day weekend

This past Monday was Memorial Day.
The big welcoming to Summer.
On Friday night we started out with a fire at our good friend's house.
Perfect way to start the Summer-hot dogs, fire, and friends.
On Saturday I went up Little Cottonwood Canyon with Tami and Riley.

Now, helpful hint: if you're going to go on a hike with a boy scout....
DON'T go on a hike with a boy scout.
He led us off the trail, up the most treacherous of cliffs.
(Mostly treacherous due to all the bugs...)
We ended up covered in Spiderwebs and larva....gross.
The girls took charge of the next hike and we chose a civilized one.
There were actually other humans on this one so we knew it was a good one.
And it led to a beautiful lake.
It was so green, beautiful, and serene.
It was quite the nice surprise.

That night we went to a Real soccer game against Chicago and they tied 1-1.
This was my first time seeing one and it did not disappoint.
I must say that soccer totally trumps all other sports.
Except underwater basket-weaving.

Sunday was spent on my death bed.
I had the flu I assume and was miserable.
And maybe a bit of a baby?

Monday ended the weekend with Ironman 3 and a barbecue.
Oh how I have missed barbecues.
Hello Summer....we welcome you with open arms.

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