Wednesday, May 8, 2013

my job

So my current job is being a nanny, but I only started that this week.
So I don't feel as if that is sufficient time for this post.
So I will write about my previous job.
I was a custodian this last semester at SUU.
I had also been a custodian for 3 years at Riverton Elementary.
So I know what's going on.

Truth 1:
This job is the most glamorous job available.
But not actually. It's just a job.
A job that involves monotonous vacuuming and garbage emptying.

Truth 2:
I play A LOT of Solitaire while on the job.
There's only so much vacuuming that needs to be done in that large amount of time.
I am now Solitaire queen.

Truth 3:
Since work started at 6 every morning and I'm a college student that likes to stay up late,
many mornings I woke up and called in "sick". This is incredibly common in the life of a
student custodian.

Truth 4:
An astounding amount of people leave backpacks and purses behind.
Weeks later they are still sitting in the classroom.
Peeps, how are you forgetting this EVERY TIME?

Truth 5:
My favorite part about work is that I perform my own rock concert every day.
Leave me alone in an empty building with music and I will be jamming.
I am positive that every custodian does this.
I have caught many others doing it.
I worry how many have caught me....

Truth 6:
We wear vacuums on our backs.
They look like jet packs.
They're pretty cool.
Except when you have to pick up garbage off the ground.
It's the opposite of being pregnant (i imagine).
Most awkward maneuvering ever has to be done.

Any other custodians out there?

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