Tuesday, February 16, 2016


*This is NOT our current fridge*
Derek and I are avid Macey's grocery shoppers.
But this week I knew there were some great sales at Sprouts so I decided to do my grocery shopping there.
And BOY was that a mistake.
First thing I do when I walk in is head to the bread (which is just off to my right).
I look at all my options and realize that the bread they sell must have been shipped from France because it is so expensive.
I grudgingly grab a loaf, knowing that it's really cutting into my grocery budget.
Then I head to the meat and decide to only get 1 out of the 3 items I need.
*We shall prevail without our meats!!!*
Next, was the produce. I found a couple of good deals on things that actually looked normal.
But when the only reasonably priced apple is of the yellow variety??
*I guess we'll go without those too!!*
Then I started perusing down the aisles looking for the Poptarts and Pillsbury rolls that I need.
And that's when I realize that this store consists of 90% NUTS!
And I don't mean the workers.
Honestly, most of the store is various bins of nuts and grains.
Who needs that many nuts and grains???
And the last 10% is weird stuff I've never even hear of.
I just want me some darn Poptarts!!
And Clif bars??
I know for a fact that those sell for 5/$5 at my beloved Macey's.
I mean, I get that Organic products can be sold for more.
But the exact same Clif bars?
Why would you do this to yourselves people?
And pasta sauce for $3 when I can get it for $1 straight from a can?
No thanks!
I ended up leaving everything but the fish and asparagus and bolting right out of that store.
A few years ago I wrote this post  and have been reeling all day in confusion from it.
How did I do that back then?
Maybe I just had less patience and a bigger list this time?
Prices spiking lately because of the organic fad?
Who knows?
All I do know though is that I haven't died yet from not eating organic!

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