Sunday, February 7, 2016

uncut sunday

Death is a strange thing to think about.
You don't say goodbye with the idea that sometime in the future there's a possibility that you'll see them again.
You say goodbye with the idea that you'll see them again in another manner that you can't quite comprehend.
I thought that I was pretty good at dealing with death after working at an assisted living home.
But then "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson started playing and the flood gates opened.
(Why you gotta do me like that radio?)
And it's not necessarily a sadness for the person leaving.
Because they are now released from their mortal trials and pain.
It's more sadness for the people left behind.
The wife and children and other loved ones.
Their pain is where the sadness comes from.
But the one sweet thing that comes from death is the hope of being reunited.
I'm so grateful that I'm part of a church that knows that death is not the end.
How beautiful to think that my grandma will someday be back in the arms of my grandpa, singing his ears off.
And Derek has been given strict instructions that he is not allowed to die until the exact moment that I do.
It's only fair.

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