Friday, February 12, 2016

valentines minute to win it

Valentine's Day is upon us!
And since it's on a Sunday our dinner plans will be happening tonight.
But, it's still OK to celebrate Valentine's on Sunday in your own house.
And what better way to say you love someone than to try and crush them in Minute to Win it?
Below I have 5 games that use a bag of candy conversation hearts.
So buy a bag and collect the rest of the things from around the house!

Candy Face
Each player has 1 minute to move the candy heart from their forehead to their mouth! But you can only use your face, no hands!!!

Bottle Drop
See who can drop the most conversation hearts into a narrow neck bottle in under a minute. The longer the distance, the more challenging it is.

Heart Relay
For this one you have to have a cup full of the candy hearts on one side of the room and then an empty cup on the other side. Each person gets 1 minute to see how many hearts they can move to the empty cup using only a spoon.

Heart Stack
Each player has 1 minute to stack the hearts as high as they can. The player with the tallest tower at the end of the minute wins!

Heart Pick Up
Using two pencils or chopsticks or tweezers, each player has to transfer as many heart candies from one place to another as fast as they can. They player with the most hearts on their second plate at the end of the minute wins!!

Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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