Wednesday, February 24, 2016

we don't wash our hands in this family

*Back in the dating days*
Every family has their weird little things that they do that nobody else understands.
I was babysitting for a young family and after the little girl went to the bathroom I asked her if she washed her hands.
She replied, “We don’t wash our hands in this family”.
*Uh….ok, you’re exempt?*
Whether they do or do not wash their hands, I don’t know.
But I do know that if it isn’t the hands washing thing, their’s something else weird that’s going on when I’m not there.
Because every single family has something weird about them.
And in the Derek/Mckenzie Winkel clan it just so happens to be talking in accents.
But I don’t mean that we occasionally like to talk in accents to make each other laugh.
I mean, I’m pretty sure that we are talking in our normal voices for only 10% of our day.
(And that’s the portion of the day that we are around other people.)
One day I even decided that we HAD to talk in our normal voices all day because I had forgotten what they sounded like.
That lasted approximately 10 seconds; we’re just plain addicted.
And it’s not only the sickeningly adorable “Shnookie-Shnoockums” baby talk.
That’s a rarity actually.
We range in our accents from Russian to Redneck Hick; with the latter being our voice of choice.
Now, whether these accents are good or not is irrelevant.
But that’s our dirty little secret.
So spill, what weird thing does your family do?

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