Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ice castles

One thing that definitely needs to be added to your Utah Winter bucket list is the Ice Castles in Midway.
This was my first time going and they are so beautiful!
I can't believe I haven't gone before now.
There isn't all that much to see, but the things you do see are amazing.
We went at night and the lights they have going on just enhance all of the ice structures.
But it would be just as pretty during the daytime as well (and far less busy).


It ends February 15th! (Previously it was ending in March but it has changed)
Weekend Ticket Prices: Children- $8.95 Adults- $12.95
Weekday Ticket Prices: Children-$6.95 Adults-$9.95
Located up Provo Canyon in Midway
Wear Boots!!! (Derek learned this the hard way. There is sometimes a foot of sand-like snow)

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