Sunday, February 14, 2016

uncut sunday

A group of popular bloggers have recently started a challenge for everyone to love themselves more.
And honestly, it is purely genius.
During this Valentine's season it's so easy to show love for the people around you.
But how often are we showing that love for ourselves?
Not by buying ourselves flowers or chocolate (which is definitely OK to do...).
How often are we talking positively about ourselves though?
It is SO easy to think negatively when we see all these beautiful, talented, smart, athletic women on Instagram, Facebook, and elsewhere on the internet and in the world.
For me, I feel that my negative self talk is purely comparison.
I can go my whole day thinking I'm beautiful or smart or funny.
And then I go to the gym and see that one girl that I want to BE because she is seemingly perfect.
I think I'm awesome, but when I see somebody that I look up to I can't stop myself from thinking I'm not good enough.
And that is just simply dumb.
Why can't I appreciate their abilities AND mine?
I want to take this challenge because I want to love myself instead of comparing myself to others.
I want to remember that I am worth something in the eyes of others.
This challenge involves avoiding all negative talk for 18 days!
(I think it coincided with when the blog was posted and how many days were left in February)
But you can start this challenge any day and go for as long as you want.
On her website (linked Here) you can see the printables that she includes to keep track of your progress.
And if you mess up, it's OK!
Old habits are hard to break, but as long as you recognize the mess up and decide that you still want to become better, it's just fine!
Her blog also has a lot of other inspiring posts that target inner strength and love.
So join the challenge and decide to start loving yourself more.

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