Friday, February 5, 2016

pinterest hacks tested: smartphones

Here it is people:
Pinterest Hacks tested by yours truly.
This time I will be testing Smartphone hacks that I've found whilst browsing Pinterest.
Let's begin:

1. Hiding your cards in your phone case:

This is a good idea if you're going to go to a concert or party or something and don't wanna bring your wallet. You can just put important cards (what's more important than your library card?) and credit cards in your phone case. However, if you lose your phone you haven't lost just your phone. You've pretty much lost all of your important cards too.
Verdict: Tentative pass.

2. Put your phone in a cup:

The cup amplifies the sound so if you have troubles sleeping through your alarm put your phone in a cup before bed and when your alarm goes off it will definitely be loud enough to wake you up. (Also, notice the nightstand my darling husband made me of his kind-of own free will!) This also works for parties if you don't have some sort of sound system.
Verdict: Pass.

3. Make a phone stand:

I was excited for this one because I hate trying to lean my phone against other things or just resorting to lying it flat. (First world problems amiright?) I saw stands that people made from sunglasses and some from paperclips. For those ones I give a FAIL. Yeah, they don't even close to work. So I dug some more because I was determined!! I found a couple of binder clip ones that failed but then I found this ^ binder clip one that somewhat worked! Once you get the directions down it works pretty well. The second one was from an old gift card that had a worthless amount of money on it. I just made 4 cuts in it and it works awesome-ly. Both are not always completely stable, but for the most part they get the job done.
Verdict: Pass.

4. Put your phone in a Ziploc bag:

I was actually very hesitant about this one because I feel that touch screens don't really work unless you're touching them directly. So pretty much you put your phone in a sealed Ziploc bag if you're going to be around the water. And it worked surprisingly great! It scrolled as if I was touching it directly and water just slicks right off of it and doesn't really affect the scrolling. I would note though that if you have long nails it could snag a hole in the bag while you're scrolling so be careful. I also don't know how well pictures will take with it on because I didn't think about trying that out until just now. But I assume if you held it taut it would work just fine.
Verdict: Pass.

5. Putting contact info on lock screen:

This is such a smart idea for if your phone gets lost. Because now that we aren't in the dark times, all of our phones have locks on them. So if it gets lost it's not like somebody can just go into your contacts and call "mom". So it's important to put contact info of a loved one on the lock screen for the person who finds your phone to call. My phone has a setting where I can program it in my lock screen settings (Shown under the date). But Derek's doesn't. So my solution to that is to go to your notepad and insert a picture you want as the background and then under it type the info. Take a screenshot, crop it, and set it as your screen. Wallah!
Verdict: Pass.

Pretty much the only fails I tested were using sunglasses and paperclips as phone stands. Just don't even try it.

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