Friday, February 19, 2016

swimming suits

Spring and Summer are quickly closing in on us.
I think that everyone is getting so excited to go hiking, get out in the sun, and especially to go swimming!!!
I recently bought a swimming suit because I left my last one in Venice.
And there are SO many cute swimming suits out there.
So I decided to make a list of modest swimming suits that are cute and affordable.
The one from the picture above is the one that I bought and it is found at
It is high waisted bottoms tankini set and I love it.
It is exactly what I was looking for.
Below are more suits that I wish I could buy:
*All Websites are links*

Here are two more of my favorites from that site.
But there are so many more!

These are sort of a mix and match sort of deal.
They have a few cute patterns and solids to choose from.

Anthropologie for the win!!
Am I right guys?

This one might give weird tan lines but I think it's probably worth it.

Victoria's Secret surprised me with some pretty cute one pieces.
However, this one was my favorite.

There wasn't much on this site that I liked, but this one is definitely note-worthy. 

This site has cute swimming suits for you and some matching ones for the littles!

There are multiple suits here that are darling, but some are a bit pricier than the others!

I know that Albion Fit is not the most affordable place to shop.
But how could I NOT include them?
They are the most beautiful things I've ever laid eyes on.
And these two are just the beginning.

I think this company has lost some of it's mojo because they used to have a lot bigger variety.
However, the suits they still have are pretty darn good.

There are of course other places you can get swimming suits, but after all of my perusing of the internet these were my favorites!

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