Friday, January 1, 2016

a lover's excursion

Prepare yourselves for a photo dump.
Because Derek and I went on an adventure.
We were going to go to San Francisco but, we have school to pay for.
So we decided to explore our own backyard instead and go to Moab.
(Which was actually a few hours farther than our backyard, but whatever.)
Even though it was below freezing down there we still saw a ton of people hiking the trails.
We saw all the sights and were amazed at the power of nature.
Someday these will be gone and we can now say that we got to behold their glory.
Covered in snow nonetheless.
For the night we decided to stay in a yurt.
Which is basically better than a tent but worse than a motel.
Once we got the fire in the wood burning stove going it was nice and toasty in this little one room masterpiece.
We cooked us up some steaks and ate them by the fire and then spent the rest of the night relaxing.
(Without Netflix)
We went exploring the next morning when it was sunny and found the toilet.
Which is outside facing the best view on the whole lot; the beautiful mountains to the North, West, and East.
(Unfortunately not pictured here due to heavy fog)
We opted to use the gas station bathroom so that the neighbor goat wouldn't walk up on us while we were taking care of business.
All in all, it was a fabulous little adventure that let me see how truly manly my husband is!
I would definitely recommend going to Arches in the Winter when it is a lot less busy than the Summer.
And I would 100 times over recommend staying in a yurt.
Find the perfect one for you at GlampingHub!


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