Tuesday, January 5, 2016

road trip essentials

When Derek and I headed down to Moab this is a lil sample of what we took.
And now I'm here to inform you of some pretty important road trip essentials.
*Note: The meat and salad aren't absolutely necessary, but they are nice ;)

1. First, you will need music. CD's, I-Pod, Radio.....anything to make sure that your tunes don't get too boring. But I do suggest listening to the radio in small towns. They do happen to have the best music playing!
2. Water. This is incredibly necessary. Just don't drink too too much or you will have to stop on the side of the road a LOT. But I did pack way more than we actually needed because I was a bit worried that we might get stuck in a snowstorm somewhere.
3. Snacks!! Do not forget about food! And do not pack them in the trunk either. Keep them somewhere handy so that the passenger can easily grab for them and feed the driver! Some snack ideas: Pretzels, trail mix, cookies, hard boiled eggs, nuts, grapes, cuties....
4. Tissues. And baby wipes. And facial wipes. Anything to make you more comfortable when you're stuck in the car for so long and start to stink. Or have to sneeze. Or clean up something nasty.
5. Hand Sanitizer. Always hand sanitizer. So you can feel a little cleaner being stuck with a bunch of people in a car.
6. Cards and activities. If you're a passenger it is your duty to keep the driver from getting too bored. Would You Rather cards are great, a book of fun facts, etc. Also, just regular old playing cards for pit stops along the way.
7. First aid kit. For you and the car. You can never be too prepared when you're heading out onto the open road. Especially when you don't know where the nearest mechanic or hospital is going to be. Or you're going to be out of cell range. Gotta be careful!
8. Pillows. Honestly, probably the most important thing ever. Whether you are going to nap in the car, camp, stay at a hotel, stay with a friend, etc. It is so much easier to have a good night's sleep when you at least have your own pillow!
9. Some form of bag or can to put all your trash in. So you don't have to be napping or sitting for hours in garbage, make sure you have somewhere to put it all. Comfort is always important on a road trip.
10. Comfy clothes. Don't be wearing a dress or fancy shoes. Wear your sweats, fuzzy socks, and slippers.

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