Sunday, January 17, 2016

uncut sunday

Hatred is a scary thing.
We all feel anger and sadness and bitterness and all sorts of negative things.
But the feeling of absolute hatred is scary.
I feel as if this is the one emotion that can just lock on and grip you so tightly.
It starts out as one little thought or feeling and, if not stopped when it starts, can grow into something that you don't even recognize anymore.
It can change you into someone that you don't know.
But there is something that is so much more powerful than hatred.
And that is Peace.
And Peace should always win.
Two people lashing words of hate at each other never solved anything.
But if just one person exhibits peace, it can keep the hatred from getting out of control.
The news is filled with people doing horrible, horrific acts because their hatred took over.
One thought boiled and boiled until it boiled over and changed everything.
It's hard to not let such a strong feeling feast on every part of your heart,
But if you stop it when it starts, Peace will win.
And if Peace doesn't outwardly win, you will still have your Peace for yourself.
And that's enough of a win.

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