Tuesday, December 1, 2015

harry potter

One thing that you must learn when you become a Winkel is that they are a bit nerdy.
I remember so many conversations or inside jokes about Lord of the Rings and Star Wars and Harry Potter where I was just so lost.
Then once I decided that I was in it for the long haul I figured that I should maybe see what they were talking about all of the time.
So I started reading the Harry Potter books and loved them!
(I can't believe that I had never read them before now......I guess it makes sense though. Growing up, my goal was to read every book in the library so I began at A. I ended up reading a lot of Cabot and Dahl but not a lot of Rowling....)
Anyways, I pretty much loved these books.
There was almost more drama and excitement than Grey's Anatomy.
And that really speaks to me.
So my lil gem of a Winkel made friends with the used book store people and slowly bought me the whole series.

For a steal of a deal nonetheless, which is almost better than owning the series.
(Shameless love dedication to ma boo)
So to all of you bookworms starting at A....just skip right to R and read these bad boys.
Now, as for Lord of the Rings and Star Wars...that might take me a little longer to dive into.
Baby steps people.

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