Tuesday, December 15, 2015

the reason for the season

On the radio show I listen to they do a "Secret Santa" everyday for a family in need.
And you bet your bottom dollar, it makes me turn into a blubbering buffoon right there at work.
They had a lady email in talking about how her kids were just so ungrateful for all of the presents they had gotten.
And they started talking about ways to turn our focus during Christmastime back to what it should be.
Because without Christ then what is even the reason?
So here is a list of ways to bring the reason back into the season.
And to make Christ the purpose.

1. Along with all of the fun Christmas music about elves and reindeer, also throw in some more feel-good-heart-warming stuff too. There is good music all over out there. This one by Lennon and Maisy is one I just found:
2. Volunteer your time to people in need. Homeless shelters, soup kitchens, the food bank, a neighbor, visit an old folks home.... there is always help needed. (97.1 ZHT is the radio station I listen to and you can donate to their Secret Santa as well. Link here.)

3. Have a 12 days of Christmas (I think it's too late for all twelve at this point but....for next year right?) I found this adorable Nativity Countdown. Or you can do a countdown of service like this one here. Lots of cute ideas!

4. Take a night or two or three and discuss the birth of Jesus and read scriptures about it.

5. Attend Christmas performances that put you in the spirit of Christmas. Plays, music concerts.....

6. Opt for Non-Toy gift ideas like the ones here.

7. Make the time to be with your family and PRESENT. Play games (board games, card games, minute to win it) or do puzzles, make a treat together.....

What are your guys' ideas to keep Christ the reason this holiday season?

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