Sunday, November 29, 2015

uncut sunday

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We just celebrated Thanksgiving.

I was all sorts of inspired
Before Thanksgiving I had seen REI's #optoutside campaign and thought that it was pretty awesome.
But then when Black Friday actually came I realized that it was too cold outside to do anything.
Also, my family spends time together by going Black Friday shopping.
After we eat we get out all of the ads and plan our attack and coordinate where everyone is going and decide what we will buy.
And I sort of love it.
While I love the thought of being cool enough to go adventuring outside instead of buying things I don't need, why would I give up time with my family to do something that I can do any other time?
(I suppose shopping can be done any other time but with these deals??? And battling crowds with your family? That just cannot be done any other time.)
So instead of feeling 21st century guilt for buying a bunch of crap the day after Thanksgiving,
I shall embrace the consumerism because of what it ACTUALLY means.
"Coming together in a common cause."

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