Tuesday, December 8, 2015

christmas gifts

Haven't bought those oh so important gifts for your loved ones yet??
No prob bob, I've got your solution right here.
I now present to you Christmas 2015 top gifts:

>Handerpants. Keep their hands warm in those cold winter nights.

>Booger Bins. For the cold nights when EVERYTHING freezes. And by everything I mean boogers.

>Unicorn Horn For Cats. Enough said. (And doesn't he look so happy wearing it?)

>Frozen Smiles Ice. Just don't mistake them for your grandma's dentures.

>Squirrel Mask. So you don't scare off those sweet little woodland creatures outside your window.

>Yoga Joes. To inspire peace, not war.
For these and more head over to www.offthewagonshop.com to buy a gift for that special weirdo in your life.

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