Wednesday, December 23, 2015

winkel house rules and a merry christmas

Along with our awkward family Christmas photo (Mind you, this is our final take home shot. There were a lot more awkward ones) I present you with:
"Winkel House Rules"!!!!
(Some of which I am instating right now)
1. No tickling after 10 PM.
2. No eating everything in the secret chocolate stash by yourself.
3. No playing ukulele for more than 15 minutes.
4. If you don't put the cardboard in the recycle it will get thrown at you.
5. Fights are only solved with sharing of a Mountain Dew.
6. If the other person is sad, you must poke them on the nose and say "Beep. Boop." until they either laugh or slug you in the arm.
7. In an uncomfortable situation the code word is: Dingo.
8. On Mondays one shall only talk in limericks.
9. If you spend more than $100 in one trip then you have to buy the other person a gift to make up for it.
10. No TV on Tuesdays because that is the day that Derek has to listen to all my gossip.

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