Friday, December 18, 2015

taking stock

The following is adapted from other blogs.

Making: Christmas presents and trying to finish them before it becomes procrastination.
Cooking: Steak fajitas....mmmm :)
Drinking: Mountain Dew. Free at work? Yeah I'll take some.
Reading: The Work and The Glory. #1.
Wanting: A puppy!!!
Looking: At the messy apartment, but waiting until tomorrow to clean.
Playing: Nothing. I'm boring.
Wasting: A lot of money on chiropractors and a suspended license (!!?)
Sewing: Blankets.
Wishing: For a white Christmas.
Enjoying: Chocolate bars that Derek keeps buying me.
Waiting: For Derek to get home.
Liking: The feeling of working out.
Wondering: Where Derek and I will go on vacation in a couple of weeks.
Loving: The time Derek I have to snuggle and giggle before sleep.
Hoping: That things get figured out.
Marveling: At people's generosity.
Needing: Gas in my car.
Smelling: A candle from the dollar store that has no real scent.
Wearing: My workout clothes. From this morning.
Following: A lot of new people on Youtube.
Noticing: The dust on the TV.
Knowing: This weekend will be a good one.
Thinking: About writing this because it's actually kinda hard.
Feeling: Energized.
Bookmarking: Valentine DIYs. Can't start too early.
Opening: A new container of milk for Hot Cocoa.
Giggling: When I spend time with Derek.
Feeling: I already did this one.


  1. 1-This is a fantastic idea!!
    2-I'm so happy for you and Derek still! It makes me happy to see/know how in love you guys are:)

    1. Thanks for reading :) And you have seen the relationship blossom from the beginning ;)


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