Thursday, December 10, 2015

throwback thursday: the flip phone days

We all know that the weirdos and hipsters thrive in college.
And me, trying to thrive, tried my absolute hardest to be hipster enough.
And what is less hipster than a fancy touch screen smartphone??
I just knew that I had to downgrade to uphold my reputation as the cool girl on campus.
(Also.....I was poor. And what is more hipster than that??)
So I went to the nearest mall kiosk for phones and asked them for their free-est one.
The young man said that he had one he could give me for a penny.
I felt in my pockets and I had just that!!
One penny, saved from my pan handling earlier that morning.
(Wait wait wait. I'm being hipster....not homeless.)
One penny, saved for my next coffee.
(Hypothetically of course. I just like to hold the mug and look cool. Really, it's hot cocoa.)
Anyways, he brought the phone out and it was PERFECT!
Buttons the size of my face, 911 button front and center, charging night stand, exercise programs for the elderly embedded right into the menu, man I was lucky.
As we then proceeded to the cash register he said,
"Now are you sure you want this phone? My grandma has the exact same one and she hangs it on a piece of dental floss that she keeps around her neck."
I just smiled at the naive fella, gave a light chuckle,  and then discreetly pulled out a notebook to write down this fabulous dental floss idea.
You better believe it was the best phone I've (n)ever purchased.

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