Sunday, December 20, 2015

uncut sunday

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I had a dream that I was asked to go and give one of the graduation speeches at my old high school.
But then I got trapped in an elevator and accused of murder and then my hoodrat friend helped me to escape the detective but then he got arrested.
So I had to spend all of my efforts getting him out of jail and never got to give my speech I had prepared:
So here it is:
"Finally, 8 years later I am her graduating."
(This was a joke. They had asked me to wear my old graduation cap and gown)
"Just kidding. I graduated 5 years ago."
"And since then I have attended 3 different colleges, got an associates, traveled to Africa, traveled to Europe, got promoted to manager at a job I love, quit that job, and got married to a handsome man."
"I was in a class once where a girl said she had graduated 6 years ago and felt that she hadn't done anything with her life. Despite what she believed, she had accomplished a lot. She had graduated from a respected university, went on a mission, had a job she was passionate about...."
(I'm sure there were more things but....I didn't know her was a dream.)
"We are all going to do different things with our lives. Some will go to college, some won't. Some will get married, some won't. Some will travel, some won't. But none of these things is better than the other. There is no top of the ladder, no point we have to reach to be considered to 'have it all'."
"I am STILL in school with a couple of years left, currently jobless, and haven't done a lot of the thing that I consider to be 'top of the ladder'. But I also don't look back on my life and think that I haven't accomplished anything. I make an effort to do things that I love and believe to be challenging so that my life is worth it."
"So live your life after this graduation day in a way that you won't look back thinking that you haven't accomplished anything, even though you may not have done the same things others have. Make an effort to do things that mean something to you and give your life meaning."


  1. Just wanted to say thank you for this post. It's something I really needed a reminder of. Great speech! ;)

    1. Oh I'm glad you liked it! And thanks for reading :)


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