Sunday, December 27, 2015

uncut sunday

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The New Year is fast approaching.
And people are thinking of what resolutions they want to make for the year and how they want to be a better person.
Being LDS, there is somewhat of a New Year's every Sunday.
We all go to church and hopefully think about how we can be a better person the coming week.
I was challenged by my home teachers once to take some time on Sundays to think about 3 things I did good that week and 3 things I could improve on.
It really helped me to focus on what I really did need to be improving on.
But of course some weeks there would be things that continually made it on the "must improve" list.
And it was so frustrating to not be getting any better at it.
But when I was working at a bracelet shop, beading bracelets, I had a thought.
Each day my boss would calculate the number of bracelets I made that day and then calculate the average each week and that would determine how many bracelets I could make per hour.
And it made me think about all the things I try to improve on and just never seem to get better at.
I realized that it's OK if we have bad days and do terrible on our goals.
Cause I think Heavenly Father is just going to take our average....
So we might be better some days and worse some days.
But it's OK because as long as at the end of everything we ended up better than we were at the beginning, that's all that matters. 
It's not the day to day that will determine our outcome.
(Even though it's the day to day that ultimately builds our outcome, but I digress.)

3 things I want to improve this week:
-Be more present in my relationships.
-Don't give energy to the thoughts that bring me down.
-Dedicate time each morning and night to the Lord.

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