Sunday, November 22, 2015

uncut sunday

I don’t always feel the presence of the Spirit.
When I go to the temple I don’t necessarily feel warmer inside and I don’t always feel that I got answers to my questions.
When I sit in church I feel antsy more than I feel calm.
I don’t really feel my bosom burning when I read the scriptures.
And sometimes it really worries me.
Are other people feeling all of these things that I'm not??
What's wrong with me?
But living a life full of faith is a choice.
I may not feel the Spirit as much as I would like.
Or really very often.
But I have faith (enough) that I keep doing those things even though I don’t feel the Spirit.
I do them because I know that I’m supposed to.
(And I don’t do them perfectly or enough, that’s for sure)
But maybe that’s my obstacle for this life.
Believing without ever fully knowing or feeling the truth.
Choosing to have the faith to act without the immediate reward of the Spirit’s presence.
Does anybody else feel this or am I just crazy?

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