Thursday, November 19, 2015

how to survive a workout class

My new thing is taking workout classes at the rec center.
It forces me to workout for more than five minutes.
(Does anybody else stop after the warmup of a workout DVD?)
Anyways, I'm now a seasoned "gym rat".
So to help the world out in striving to be healthy, I come to you with
(Anyone get the movie I'm eluding to?)

Tip #1:
Try new classes so that you find out what you like and what definitely isn't for you. (But go early so that you can get a spot in the back and figure out what equipment you're supposed to be using. You can't look like a complete newb.)

Tip #2:
If you sit down at a machine and can't figure out how to use it, just sit on it for a bit and pretend to be so worn out that you are just catching your breath and then casually stand up and start stretching as you slowly walk away. Nobody will be the wiser.

Tip #3:
If you're taking a barefoot fitness class, bring your own toeless yoga "shoes" or else you will slip in a puddle of your own sweat.

Tip #4:
Do NOT take a fitness class with a mirror in the front of the class. Because then you can take NO breaks because every single person in the class can see you, even if you strategically chose the back row.

Tip #5:
Don't eat a whole cake before (or after) your workout class. Or ever.

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