Wednesday, November 18, 2015

a man's lunch

Marriage has taught me one thing.
Men eat a lot.
I feel so bad because the other night when I was packing Derek's lunch he sheepishly asked me if I could put more food in there.
Poor guy has been trying to get by on the calories of a petit lady.
When we were first married I had high hopes, (as does every new wife),
Of making her man some food!!!
I thought that I would wake up with him earlier than the roosters and make him breakfast.
That maybe lasted a day?
I have now compromised and told him that I will make him lunch instead of breakfast.
(Functioning enough to cook at 6 AM is just....too much.)
SO every night I pack his lil lunchbox and leave it in the fridge for him.
Usually he gets the leftovers from the night before.
(The other day I had cooked some experimental carrots and then put the whole container of them in his lunchbox that night. Just carrots. I guess he ate the whole thing just waiting for some mashed taters to appear or something.)
But sometimes I'm more organized and ambitious.
Because some days I know I am not going to have ANY lunch for him so I do some meal prep.
And now, here is my unofficial meal prep post:

1. Ya gotta have some meat. So take a bunch of turkey or chicken or beef and cook it up real nice. Be creative and add some bell pepper or garlic powder or....siracha!!

2. Vegetables are important. So just cook up some corn or beets or broccoli with some good ol seasonings.

3. A side of sorts is next. Cheesy mashed potatoes (Mashed potatoes packet with cheese and ranch mixed in. No gravy needed.) Or rolls or rice....

4. Possibly a fruit. An apple? Pomegranate seeds? An orange? Whatever tickles your man's fancy the most.

5. Then just take a bit of each food group and throw it in a tupperware. This usually makes me 4 days worth of lunches. And then make the husband clean the dishes.

Easy Peasy Squeeze a Lemon!

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