Sunday, November 1, 2015


We started off the day by eating pancakes and watching Pokemon with our family.
That's really how every Saturday should be spent though.
For our Halloween festivities we were invited to attend a party hosted by our cousins.
Before we left for said party we got some trick or treaters.
This was our first year being put in the trick or treater situation so we lacked the very important bowl of candy.
So instead, I started passing out random items of food that we had laying around.
Those lucky kids moms got themselves some Ferrero Rochers!!
And one got a whole package of Red Vines.
Those lucky numskulls.
*Here kid. Have a half a ham. We forgot to get candy*
What newbs.
I also tried to get a little festive in how we ate.
I made lil mummy hot dogs (complete with Siracha eyes) and was going to make pumpkin pretzels but with no orange food coloring they were just regular chocolate covered pretzels.
Still good but NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

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