Friday, November 6, 2015

another post on beliefs

A couple of years ago I struggled for a hot minute about my beliefs.
I stopped trying to believe and I started questioning for all of the wrong reasons.
I wasn't questioning to gain more knowledge, I was questioning to try and "trip up God"
I questioned with the intent of finding an answer that satisfied what I really wanted to hear and not the actual truth.
I finally met with the missionaries and through a lot of study and prayer I finally decided for myself.
I guess I would consider that my personal conversion?
I don't know.
I feel like I've had multiple personal conversions.
Anyways, while I'm a good and faithful church going member of the LDS religion I still don't see or do things perfectly.
When the new policy on same-sex marriage from the church came out I immediately had thoughts of doubtfulness.
For a minute I wondered what church I was a part of that would deny somebody the right to be baptized.
I read threads upon threads of the discussion and I have finally come to my conclusion.
This is a church that I love and admire.
So even though this was (is) a hard thing to understand, I will still support my church.
This article here (Seriously it calmed my heart so much. it.)
I (and my church) do not hate or frown upon people who have same sex attractions.
We are not banning them from the church and we aren't denying them the ability to lead a good life.
But our church DOES have certain beliefs, as does any religion/country/organization.
And we firmly stand by those beliefs.
While I (and my church) sill love people that participate in same-sex marriage, it is not something that we teach or accept.
And it's something that a lot of religions don't teach or accept.
(So get off our religion's backs punks!!)
Anyways, the article up yonder should clear up a lot of confusion as to why this policy has come out.
(Even has BEEN in existence, it just now has to be said because of circumstances in the world)
Anywho, the church is still good and gay people are still good and its OK to doubt.


  1. Love this :) I read that same article and I felt better too :)

  2. I saw it because you posted it! So thanks :)


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