Sunday, November 15, 2015

uncut sunday

I used to write some real morbid dark stuff.
(Feel free to go back through the years and see for yourself)
And I haven't done that in a while.
not that I want to be morbid dark.
But I just want to write.
So here is my uncut Sunday.

I’ve been going to the gym pretty regularly.
And it makes me feel strong.
I like feeling strong.
I like to feel that everyday I’m getting better at something.
I had a sort of daydream where I saw
I was thinking about all of the bad in the world and the thing that brought me comfort in the moment was my knowledge of good things.
There could be no God, there could be no Heaven.
But even without those things I can still say that I am living a good life.
Even if there was no Heaven and no God, I wouldn’t change the way I’m living.
And I wouldn’t change the way I follow my church obey my church’s teachings.
It made me want to search everyday for things that will fill my life with goodness and get me closer to the life that I hope to live.
Everyday I want to become stronger spiritually so that I can feel as though I am better than I was yesterday.
And by doing that I can’t let the actions of others affect me spiritually.
I cannot let it sadden me to the point where there is no point.

I have to prepare now so that when hard things do happen, I can pull from my strength.

Inspiration for the week:

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