Tuesday, November 24, 2015

how to hike squaw peak

Decide you want to hike Squaw Peak.
The short way.
Pack some fruit, cheese, and granola bars for sustenance.
(Even though you only anticipate being gone for an hour.)
Drive up the canyon (There's two of them so you have to pick. But pick correctly).
Read vague directions on how to get there.
Make a few U-Turns.
Spot a man and his children hiking through a field.
Park and follow them to wherever they're going.
(They must be going the same place you are.)
Climb in agony, huffing and puffing, over rocks and boulders.
Get to the top and declare yourselves triumphant (!!!!)
Wander around a bit and realize that this looks a little different than the pictures.
Turn around and....
Notice Squaw Peak looming behind you, mocking you.
Turn around and go home, a failure.
In short:
How to hike Squaw Peak:
(Don't try to go the short way. There isn't one.)


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