Thursday, November 5, 2015


We see so much negativity in the world.
The news is filled with stories of dirty cops and hate and violence and evil.
It feels massively overwhelming and as if there is no hope for anybody.
And watching the news just leaves a blanket of sorrow over everything.
But I remember something that my 7th grade english teacher told me:
"People in the news want to show stuff that is crazy and rare and attention grabbing.
So if the news is showing all of these bad things in the world then doesn't that mean that
All the bad in the world is crazy and rare and attention grabbing?"
How powerful is that?
We only see and focus on the bad because it is so "unique" and overwhelming to us.
But that is so heartbreaking.
There is just so much good that we don't see because we are bombarded with the bad.
But I would love to focus on the positivity and have my heart melt into a puddle of mush.
So every once in a while I am going to share a post filled with some faith in humanity so that we can turn our eyes to the good.

>>A cop turns a competition into a Dance-Off.



>>REI closing their doors.


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