Friday, November 13, 2015

laundry day

I don't actually mind doing laundry.
The only thing I mind is that I have to do it just about twice a week.
Real Talk: I used to wash my sheets mmmmm.....once a year?
But now that I just luvvv white SO much I have to wash my sheets a lot more often.
White towels, white sheets, white underoos....
SO much white!!!
And I've started to feel like everything was getting just a bit dingy.
So I decided to start making my own bleach because I'm sure the Dollar Store bleach filled with chemicals wasn't doing much to whiten and brighten.

And then I of course threw them into the dryer with my DIY wool dryer balls.
They are so much better than dryer sheets and cheaper too.
(Sometimes with bigger loads I have to put two in though).

I thought that the DIY bleach worked really well.
First of all, it smelled Bomb. Not like my whole house had just been bleached from top to bottom.
It wasn't really a stain fighter so not every mascara blotch came out of my pillowcases.
But it definitely did brighten.
I was most concerned about my hand towels and all of the dinginess came out of those.
If I had done a smaller load and let the solution actually sit on the clothes maybe it would have worked better and gotten every dirty spot out.
But alas, for next time.

Here are the links to the DIYs that I used.
Dryer Balls

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