Tuesday, September 3, 2013

and so it begins

School has reconvened.
And just look at that stack of books.
I spent way too much than I cared to on these darned texts.
And riding my bike home with all of these books in tow was quite the feat.
Last night I started dreading the beginning of school.
I just wanted to go back to the cabin from this weekend.
But I had to face it.
So I ride my bike to school and head to my first class.
I find it with ease and take a seat.
All of a sudden the students start talking about how this is the room for chemistry.
I was one thousand percent positive that I did not sign up for chemistry so I went into the hall to sit in my confusion.
I was in the right building.....in the right room.....
And then it hit me.
Not Monday.
So I ran to my Tuesday class and all was well.
Come on BYU, why do ya gotta confuse me like that and start classes on a Tuesday?
Besides the slip up from this morning I would say that today was a very successful day.
Now to the climbing gym for a bit of a release.

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