Thursday, September 12, 2013


I have been at BYU long enough to notice some differences between BYU and SUU.
Let me enlighten you.
>First. There is an astounding amount of people here. Like, too many. It takes me approximately 10 minutes to get out of my parking lot. It makes me a bit hostile.
>Yes, SUU had an absurd amount of stairs but I think BYU has more. Which saddens me. Stairs are absolutely evil. I have to concentrate on keeping my breathing even so nobody around me knows just how out of shape I am. But honestly, it doesn't matter how in shape you are-these stairs will still get ya.
>Prayers are said at the beginning of every one of my classes here. Sign up sheets for thought and prayer were even passed out the first day of classes. That's something that wouldn't happen at SUU, that's for sure!
>Only at BYU can your religion classes be harder than any of your other classes.
>One of my teachers brings a vase of fresh flowers to sit on the front table during class. I feel like I'm in relief society whenever I go to her class.
>It is normal for people to bring their babies to class, whereas at SUU it was specifically stated in some of my syllabi that children were not welcome in class. BYU chooses not to discriminate. They promote the baby-making.
>I have been able to get free food here (I walked past a vending machine one day and the girl changing the food asked if I wanted any of the food that hadn't been sold. Uh....YES.) but SUU supplied a TON more free food and I usually didn't even have to buy food the first week of school.
>You have to pay for prints here. What?? I am often caught without money on my card and so I turn in a lot of assignments late. (OK. Only two.) It drives me crazy though. It's the little things.
>Maybe it's because it's the second week of school but so far they are a lot more lax with parking. At SUU if I parked out of the lines of the stall I would get a ticket (not even kidding. It happened a couple times.) but I have parked in employee parking twice (mostly because I have no idea where student parking is) and haven't been ticketed. It's quite the gamble. But I would say I'm winning.
>It's quite the luxury that fast food places stay open past 7 here. That is something I won't miss about Cedar City. When I want ice cream at 11 at night I expect to get ice cream from a greasy fast food joint and not from a tub at Wal-Mart.
>You don't have to worry about your roommates doing questionable things here (at least openly). That is quite the reassurance.
>I have left the land of the jay-walkers, that's for sure. People actually use the crosswalks here...weird.
>But putting all of these differences aside, the one difference that makes me the most sad is casino night. At SUU that was my favorite night of the whole year. Do you think BYU offers a school-promoted casino night though? That's a big fat NO. Maybe I will just have to host my own.

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